Spring lets darling enjoy healthy nutrition the world of cate of nourishing soup _

Spring lets darling enjoy healthy nutrition nourishing soup

2017-02-08 13:47:47

Spring is the season that the child grows quickly. If parents is in right now can according to function of alimental sex flavour, make up a few smooth fill alimentary and lienal lung, strong Shang Shui gives the child drinkable, can make the child grows quickly not only, still can help them effectively raise counteractive spring the ability of all sorts of diseases.

A thick soup of lotus seed lily
Can benefit lung of taste, embellish, peaceful heart calms the nerves. Agree with children is daily edible. With lotus seed 15 grams, dry lily 15 grams, egg 1, white sugar is right amount. Go to lotus seed core, put inside earthenware pot with hundred contract, add right amount clear water, slow fire is boiled rot to lotus seed flesh, rejoin egg, white sugar. After the egg is thoroughlied cook can edible.

Soup of Na Xingrun lung

Can benefit lung is lung of angry, embellish, expectorant relieve a cough. Agree with when weather is dry or the children that lobar gas coughs infirmly, easily is drinkable at ordinary times, also can use at pneumonic convalescence to move filling body. With Na Xing apricot of 12 grams, north 9 grams, candied date or jujube 4, pig lung 200 grams. Flay of apricot of Na Xing, north, pig lung is abluent cut small, fry in iron bowl with a few cooking oil fully, add right amount boiled water, put inside earthenware pot together with candied date or jujube, Bao 1-2 hour, can edible.

Soup of fish of Gorgon fruit crucian carp

Can fill gas, be good at kidney of lienal, solid. Agree with the children that weak, inappetence, defecate does not move taste or general children are daily edible, can enhance taste function. With Gorgon fruit yam of 15 grams, Henan fish of 15 grams, crucian carp 1 () of about 150 grams. Crucian carp fish goes scale, branchial reach splanchnic, inside iron bowl with a few cooking oil decoct comes flaxen, put earthenware pot together with Gorgon fruit, yam next inside, add Bao of right amount clear water 1 hour, flavor with salt, can edible.

Boiling water of heart of float wheat pig

But be good at lienal beneficial is angry, peaceful heart calms the nerves, beneficial of be good at head wisdom. Choose float wheat 25 grams, big jujube 5, pig heart 1, longan flesh 6 grams. Pig heart subtense dissections, abluent accumulate blood, big jujube goes nucleus, expect on put bowl together inside, add right amount clear water, bao 1 hour, flavor can edible.

Enter boiling water of art big jujube

But be good at lienal beneficial is angry, commonly used owe beautiful, defecate at accept of body tired, stomach not the children of free. General children is drinkable, also but be good at lienal appetizing. Choose dangshen 10 grams, Yun Ling 20 grams, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is 6 grams, big jujube 5, bright duck kidney 1. Yun Ling is broken into pieces, big jujube goes nucleus, sliver of bright duck kidney, after the gold inside duck is abluent with on makings put together put bowl inside, add Bao of right amount clear water 1 hour, flavor but edible.

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