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12 kinds of pregnant woman contraindication in pregnancy health care

2016-10-31 11:47:57

A lot of pregnant woman can have the action of a few mistakes in pregnancy health care, key introduction issues 12 kinds of contraindication of pregnancy health care below:

Nutrient obstacle

Pregnant woman is on a diet, carry feed can cause the normal growth with cloggy and not complete, fetal nutrition; Gluttonous can make nutrition superfluous again, bring about the mother’s body fat, fetal too big, cause difficult labor.


Pregnant woman smokes, the nicotine in smoke enters blood to reach fetal put oneself in another’s position from respiratory tract inside, affect fetal development to abort even.

Abuse ecbolic needle

Pregnant woman does not labor in the hospital, ecbolic needle is abused in the home, cause uterine rupture extremely easily and endanger fetal life.

Lazy move

Pregnant woman is lazy move, what thing also does not work, devoid motion is caused fat, right fetal and adverse.

The mood is unusual

Pregnant woman is long-term mood not beautiful, can affect endocrine function, right fetal and adverse.

Contact radiative content

Early pregnancy pregnant woman contacts X line too much, for sexual distinction the examination makes B of superior grade. These radioactivity material send fetal deformation easily.

Do not calculate expected date of childbirth

After some pregnant woman are pregnant, do not calculate expected date of childbirth, face antenatal to still give far door, bring about the childbirth in journey.


Pregnant woman dry weight is vivid, drop Jiao, long-distance jolt, cause difficult labor easily, affect inside premature delivery and palace.

Abusive medicine

During be pregnant, excessive takes the medicines and chemical reagents such as certain antibiotic, composed medicine, narcotic, hormone to cause fetal deformation easily.

Use Caesarean birth blindly

Ask the pregnant woman of executive Caesarean birth has ascendant tendency, little imagine Caesarean birth may cause sequela, add a new life possibly still incidence of a disease and mortality.

Sexual life is excessive

Early pregnancy, gravid and terminal, sexual life is intemperate, cause the infection inside abortion, premature delivery and palace easily.


Alcohol is a kind of element that send abnormal, pregnant woman drinks can destroy the embryonic cell in growing, not only make fetal growth slow, and the deformation that causes certain organ.

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