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Darling is shock black hair eats come out

2016-11-01 17:51:43

A lot of darling join wet Tong Hang to list now, the most apparent is the good-looking hairstyle that the second kills countless adult, if the hair of darling is pitch-black shock, so darling whole looks appear have energy more, more healthy. The hair of darling besides suffer besides congenital element influence, nurse acquiredly, constitutional circumstance also can be affected hair is qualitative, so if the hair of darling is exiguous, drop hair, withered and yellow, mom can want to notice.

Of course, mom are OK also food of have the aid of will to darling protect a law. A few homely are natural the nutriment that alimentary hair contains in feeding capable person, the hair glow that lets darling is healthy.


Beautiful type walnut suckles drink

Protect hair food: Walnutmeat

The walnutmeat with adipose very high content still contains a variety of nutrition elements such as vitamin C, carotene, protein, grease, saccharide at the same time, often edible can make a hair pitch-black bright lustre. There also is account to this in ancient books, weigh walnutmeat can ” arteries and veins of stimulate the menstrual flow, black beard and hair ” , of visible walnutmeat beautify hair functional deserve the reputations one enjoys.

Recommend recipe: Walnut corn is suckled

Feed capable person:

Corn 2 root, walnut right amount, milk water is right amount, right amount.


1, corn breaks corn bead.

2, corn bead adds a cup of walnut to put soya-bean milk machine, add water to water level line, press corn juice key, hit into corn juice.

3, filter corn juice, toward milk of the infuse in corn juice, add walnut to break become namely.

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