New Mom can add the world of cate of nutrient cate _

New Mom can add nutrient cate of breast

2014-07-27 07:05:26

Guide language: Can offerring enough mother to breed for the darling that just was born is the greatest cherished desire of every new mammy, how allowing galactic increase is a worry no longer, small make up teach you 4 nutrition cate, achieve the goal that adds milk easily in enjoying delicate process!

The mother breeds feed is the wish of every new mammy, how allowing galactic increase is a difficult problem that makes many new mammy bemused however. Have the effect that urge breast besides traditional pig hoof soup actually outside, still a lot of food also can be helped secrete more galactic.

Soup of wonton of shelled fresh shrimps

Raw material: Fresh shrimp meat 50 grams, the pig wrings the flesh 50 grams, carrot 15 grams. Onion powder 20 grams. Jiang Mo 10 grams, wonton skin 8. Caraway is trifling. Soup-stock, salt, peppery, sesame-seed oil is right amount.

Make: shelled fresh shrimps, wring powder of the flesh, carrot, Jiang Mo, onion all a chop, join flavoring to mix divide evenly: Expect the stuffing of make it to cent becomes 8, include in wonton skin. ; is thoroughlied cook in be being put into boiling water again soup-stock is added to be boiled in boiler. Put the dumpling soup that thoroughly cook. Add flavoring, caraway and onion powder to wait again can.

Nutrient little secret: Many protein and calcium are contained in shrimp flesh, can promote secrete breast already, still can improve galactic quality.

Earthnut rice congee

Former division: Unripe groundnut 100 grams, rice 200 grams.

Make: First groundnut; of abluent, pound puts clear water in boiler. Again clean out only rice to be put. Wait for congee is boiled with slow fire after be being boiled.

Nutrient little secret: Earthnut contains a lot ofprotein and not saturated fatty acid, not only can body of take a tonic to build up health, still have wake lienal the effect that appetizing, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it knows breast. After congee is thoroughlied cook everyday morning and evening each 1,

Bright carp congee

Raw material: Bright carp 500 grams, millet 100 grams.

Make: Go to the fish scale, except splanchnic, cut small. Boil congee with slow fire together with millet. Boil to cruelly oppress and rice know sth thoroughly. Should not be inside congee put salt. Appropriate weak feed. If use a carp,1 boils boiling water. Put soy of a few be eaten together with rice or bread (do not put saline) . Eat the flesh to drink boiling water, the result that urge breast is right also.

Nutrient little secret: The carp is contained a lot ofnot only digest absorption protein easily, still have remove ecbolic and algidity, galactic effect.

Black chicken Bai Fengshang

New Mom can add nutrient cate of breast

Raw material: Black chicken 1, stay of proceedings of Bai Feng end 50 grams, yellow rice or millet wine, green paragraph, Jiang Pian, salt, gourmet powder is right amount.

Make: First chicken abluent, cut small; to add boil of clear water, Jiang Pian in boiler. Put gallinaceous piece, yellow rice or millet wine, onion paragraph, to chicken with slow fire infusion ripe sodden; is in chicken broth put stay of proceedings of Bai Feng end, gourmet powder and a few salt (have light saline taste can) , the boil after flavorring boils 3 minutes to be become namely.

Nutrient little secret: Black chicken has the effect of stronger nourishing liver kidney, often this Shang Duixin mammy has edible to add breast, benefited effect very well.

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