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The 4 universities of darling draft fruit ask

2012-02-07 13:45:06

The 4 universities of darling draft fruit ask

Fruit of little baby draft also has a lot of knowledge, eat well the body is good, those who eat is inappropriate, also can cause an effect to darling health. When parents are eating a fruit to darling, must notice the following 4 respects.

The 4 universities of darling draft fruit ask

Knowledge one: Master edible time

There are many monose materials in the fruit, be absorbed extremely easily by small intestine, but if be blocked up in the stomach, form very easily bilge gas, down to causes constipation. So, do not give darling edible the fruit immediately after play knife and fork. And, also do not advocate eat to darling before eat, the gastric size because of darling is smaller, if be before eat edible, can occupy certain space, from this, affect prandial nutriment absorb. Additional, 1 hour when darling eats orange around shoulds not be drink milk, otherwise, after the protein in the fruit acid in orange and milk encounters, immediateness happening is caky, the nutriment in affecting orange is absorbed.

First-rate practice is, it is edible fruity timeline between two eat, or it is siesta after awaking, such, can let darling regard the fruit as mug-up eats. The appropriate fruit amount that gives baby every time is 50-100 gram, still can reach digestible energy power according to the age size of darling, make the fruit into suit darling to digest absorption fruit juice or fruit mud, be like 1-3 little baby of the month, had better drink fruit juice, 4-9 lunar darling can eat fruit mashed vegetable or fruit.

Knowledge 2: Want as appropriate as the constitution

The 4 universities of darling draft fruit ask

When choosing a fruit to darling, want state of attention and constitution, body appropriate. Coating on the tongue thick, constipation, constitution slants hot darling, had better give eat fruit of cold cool sex, wait like pear, watermelon, banana, yangtao, mango, they can relieve inflammation or internal heat; And litchi, orange eats much finish to be able to cause suffer from excessive internal heat, the darling that because this is unfavorable,heats up to body eats more. Dyspeptic darling should give eat ripe apple mashed vegetable or fruit, and the darling of constipation of edible recipe grandma eats unripe apple mashed vegetable or fruit aptly.

Knowledge 3: Edible wants measurable

The 4 universities of darling draft fruit ask

Litchi juice is meaty tender, taste very attract darling, normally, they taste do not have enough, however, mammy had better hold the amount of darling edible. Because, eat litchi to be able to make the normal appetite of darling decreases greatly not only in great quantities, affect pair of other and indispensible nutriment absorb, and, often can be in second day early morning, occurrence dizziness dazzled, complexion is cadaverous, suddenly limply, kubla khah dripping wet. If not immediately cure cure, can produce blood pressure to drop, syncope, the dreariness that dies even is sequential. This is a kind of material that contains as a result of litchi flesh, can cause blood sugar too low and bring about hypoglycemia shock be caused by.

Watermelon tastes cool and refreshing in summer satisfy one’s thirst, it is fruit of first-rate disappear heat, have a fever in darling especially, long aphtha, body suffers from hotly when disease, but also cannot cross much edible, especially taste the darling of weaker, diarrhoea. If edible is too much, make the digestive ability of taste weaker not only, and can cause bellyacke, diarrhoea. Normally, eat 100-150 to overcome the left and right sides to darling every time, it is advisable to eat 2 times everyday.

Persimmon also is the fruit that darling dotes on, but when darling excessive edible, when eating together with yam, crab especially, can make the persimmon glue phenol in persimmon, Chan Ning is mixed colloid, the good place that cannot dissolve is formed inside the stomach. These nugget can make darling produces constipation not only, and sometimes as a result of cannot from the eduction inside body, stay in the stomach to form gastric stone, make baby tummy ministry bilges thereby painful, vomiting and indigestion.

Banana flesh qualitative glutinous is sweet, can embellish bowel is aperient, accordingly, also be the fruit that mammy often eats to darling, however, darling cannot let eat too much inside short time, especially the darling with frail taste. Otherwise, can cause disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea. Will tell commonly, not quite big to appetite darling, eat every time can, can eat 2 times everyday.

Knowledge 4: Not replaceable darling does not love eating vegetable

The 4 universities of darling draft fruit ask

Vegetable and fruit are compared, no matter be mouthfeel or taste far not as good as fruit, because fructose is contained in the fruit, have delicious sweet taste so, and, pulp is exquisite contain juice again, absorb easily still at digesting. Accordingly, when some mammy are not loving to eat vegetable, often make him much eat bit of fruit, think to be able to offset the loss that do not eat vegetable and causes to the body so. However, this kind of fruit and the practice with vegetable acting each other are unscientific.

Above all, if often let darling replace vegetable with the fruit, intake of certainly will fruity can increase, bring about the body to absorb the fructose of excessive consequently. And when the fructose inside body is too much, can make the body of darling lacks copper coin element not only, the growth that affects skeleton creates a shape short, and still can make darling often has full abdomen feeling, the result is brought about feed fall. Next, the content of the inorganic salt in the fruit, crude fibre should compare vegetable little, compare with vegetable photograph, the absorb function of the peristalsis of stimulative bowel flesh, calcium in assuring inorganic salt and iron should lose relatively a few. Accordingly, when darling does not love to eat vegetable, mammy often had better not be replaced with the fruit.

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