One white block the world of cate of _ of beautiful white food of place of 100 ugly different bodies

One white block the beautiful white food of place of 100 ugly different bodies

2016-09-08 13:18:07

Say one white hide from view 100 ugly, as person of the yellow race, itself is not quite white, still blacken because of the reason such as age growth or ultraviolet illuminate, how can have this done? A few beautiful white food are recommended below, can differ in the light of the body place beauty is white oh!

One, eye department group is black
Main reason: Stay up late for a long time, morpheus is insufficient.
[food is recuperated]
1.Or the pollen that use bee 1 teaspoon + bee emperor oar 1 teaspoon, be in after mix up position of black rim of the eye is weak sparsely on apply one. With Qing Dynasty bath goes after 1 hour. Bee emperor oar contains amino acid, have blanch action, and the effect that has stimulative metabolism.
2.Abluent horse’s hoof and lotus lotus root, mincing hind put juicer, add agitate of two cups of water again. Lie between water broken bits, next apply eye 10 minutes. Lotus lotus root and horse’s hoof contain a lot ofopaque, iron to reach protein character, have medicinal powder blood goes Yu action. Face result of the apply before sleeping best, can reduce appear the opportunity of black rim of the eye.

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