Take the world of cate of _ of spot of impair the excellence of of meat or fish less

Take spot of impair the excellence of of meat or fish less

2012-02-07 12:55:36

The activity of unit of pigment cell, melanin and food are relative also, through adjusting food should OK the depth that affects splash and amount. Staff room of nutrition of the 2nd medical university Professor Shi Kuixiong spent Shanghai a few years the attempt that time made this field, obtained better result.

His recipe is:

The first, reduce adipose intake:

It is better that the food that contain fat eats lesser, want those who control vegetable oil to absorb an amount at the same time (general one day does not exceed 20 grams, namely 2 spoon are controlled) ;

The 2nd, increase fight raise change nutriment:

Eat vegetable more (everyday at least 1 jin) with the fruit. Some more compensatory vitamin E piece with C piece (hospital, drugstore can be bought, eat by doctor’s advice or manual) ;

The 3rd, ban eat pickles and ort of of the previous night;

The 4th, undertake physical training and the skin such as ran massage an activity appropriately:

Hold to everyday morning and evening is massaged twice facial, every time 20. This kind of nutrition adjustment suits senile plaque and yellow speckle patient especially.

According to history the professor is told, senile plaque says strictly is not spot, it and metabolism are concerned, belong to skin horn to change excessive. And adjusted food to also adjust metabolism. Huang Heban is caused by endocrine more, adjust food also related to this.

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