This content is star of gram of cancer of the stomach unexpectedly 99% people do not tell _ cate the world

This content is Ke Xing of cancer of the stomach unexpectedly 99% people do not know

2017-04-19 17:19:35

What can cancer of the stomach eat this content is cancer of the stomach unexpectedly Ke Xingchang eats it not to get cancer. Now this society is ” color talking about cancer changes ” times, and the age that gets cancer is younger and younger also, especially patient of cancer of the stomach more hasten is young change, so how should we notice ability resistance cancer of the stomach at ordinary times?

1 garlic

Because garlic can flavor already, can prevent ill fitness again, because this is known as ” natural antibiotic ” . ” Indian times ” write civil introduction again, consider to discover according to American scientist, garlic still prevents old hero of cancer. This one achievement is published was in of first phase ” analytic biochemistry ” on the magazine.

The leader of this research, the ell of center of cancer of American Ohio university – Professor Harrisson says: “We pass uric check discovery, take the experimental form of garlic, the cancer cell inside body decreases greatly. And garlic eats morer, the potential carcinogen content inside human body is less. The potential carcinogen content inside human body is less..

Actually, garlic prevents cancerous effect to be paid close attention to by Chinese expert already. Institute of prevention and cure of tumour of clinical tumour institute, Beijing ever also had published Beijing University to study the report says, garlic has very good precaution effect to cancer of the stomach. Preserve one’s health of academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science learns professor of expert poplar force to think, eat more at ordinary times some alone head garlic, can rise to prevent cancer well, especially the action of enteron tumour.

Nevertheless, high temperature can destroy the most important matter fighting cancer in garlic — , garlic ammonia is acerbity, accordingly, researcher of center of American country cancer suggests, rapid move is fastened to drop boiler after cutting garlic, after placing the garlic of crunch 15 minutes first, boil again, ability utmost produces the effect fighting cancer of garlic.

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