The stand or fall of the hair concerns _ cate the world with these food

The stand or fall of the hair is concerned with these food

2012-02-07 12:26:12

Want to have healthy hair, relying on those who had chosen to protect hair vegetable merely is far insufficient, the hair needs all sorts of nutrition likewise, poise accordingly food, reasonable absorb it is very important to contain a lot ofprotein, vitamin and mineral food. Assure comprehensive and reasonable nutrition only, just can be helpful for a hair grow.

Investigate discovery, common Yu Xi has lose one’s hair fat, butter, fry, sweet candy and often in beverage of drinkable carbonic acid and sot. The nutrient part that these food contain head happening to grow place to need is less, affect the nutrition of wool bursa. In addition, excessive regular meeting brings about excessive drinking gastric bowel disease, affect protein, vitamin and mineral absorption, affect a hair to grow thereby.

The bases of the hair is to contain sulfur the protein of amino acid, because this is daily,should absorb right amount the food that contains a lot ofprotein, if fish, thin pork, milk, dairy produce reachs bean products. The normal function to keeping epithelial tissue mixes vitamin A of the structure perfect, the growth of stimulative hair has very main effect, the food that contains vitamin A to abound has the vegetable of melon and fruit such as leaf of carrot, spinach, asparagus lettuce, almond, nucleolus, mango, next shrimp of animal liver, fish kind and egg kind also contain a lot ofvitamin A.

Vitamin B can promote the metabolism of scalp, vitamin B kind consist in is fresh vegetables and fruits, complete in corn edibles, wait like wheaten, red rice, earthnut, soja, spinach, tomato, Xianggu mushroom, hyacinth bean, in addition rich vitamin B also is contained in pilchard, cheese kind.

Vitamin E can promote haemal circulation, it is main in the food such as consist in walnutmeat, olive oil, corn, malt, pea, sesame seed, sunflower.

Mineral absorb insufficient and same meeting to affect a hair to grow. Because the microelement such as iron, zinc, copper, calcium is human body,this is the basic material that the melanin in organizing cell and skin hair metabolizes, lack these material to be able to cause a hair to bleach prematurely. Black food contains this kind of more microelement, include chicken of bone of black soya bean, black rice, black agaric, dateplum persimmon, black sesame seed, black commonly to wait.

Protective hair notices diet stimulates food tartly even, wait like green, garlic, leek, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, chili, cassia bark, avoid is fat, hot and dry food is like food of fat, deepfry to wait, also want diet high in syrup and tall adipose kind of food.

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