How does drumstick of the melon black that stew do the practice _ Gan Jiangna of drumstick of the black of dry ginger pumpkin that stew the _watersnow of practice of the daily life of a family of drumstick of the black of pumpkin of _ dry ginger that stew [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Dangshen filling gas, dry ginger applies to the person with taste cold empty, it is lukewarm fill. Dangshen can eat together, without divine Matt different tastes. Soup is yellow, it is the reason because of pumpkin. Very delicious, very fill. Everybody is OK edible.


Pumpkin, Black chickenHam, bubble has been sentXianggu mushroom, Earthnut, Longan, Dangshen, Do gingerEach 10 grams, MedlarA certain number of, Green Chinese onion is white, Garlic piece


1, pumpkin stripping and slicing, ham of chicken of preparative ripe black.

2, dangshen does Jiang Xi to use bleb completely a hour.

3, green garlic explodes after boiler, add unripe smoke, face of Chinese prickly ash, pumpkin piece is fried a little while.

4, put Xianggu mushroom and water of bubble stay of proceedings next, dangshen does ginger and bubble liquid medicine, earthnut, longan.

5, stew to soup when juice is not too much, join medlar, salt, give boiler.

Small hang

Big baked wheaten cake leaves, medium baking temperature is stewed ripe.

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