The _ of practice of the daily life of a family that the potato of practice _ tomato of the tomato potato beef that stew stews beef how to do _ tomato potato to stew beef is artful daughter-in-law [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Red soup acid is sweet, the flesh is qualitative tender slip.


Advocate makings: Beef500 grams, Tomato500 grams, WampeeTomato patch500 grams, bai PiOnion100 grams,

Condiment: Salt 5 grams, ginger 5 grams, the plant is oily 25 grams


3 centimeters cut after 1. beef is abluent piece, burn classics boil into boiler along with cold water, purify float foam, clear water of fish out reoccupy is abluent and blood-red stand-by;

3 centimeters of size cut after 2. potato husks piece;

3. onion cent controls into 3 centimeters piece;

After 4. tomato is ironed via boiled water, flay, rip small with the hand;

Heat is burned to come into oil inside 5. boiler 67 when becoming heat, jiang Pian of free captive animals explodes sweet fry a little while;

6. breaks up into beef and potato fry tens of second hind, add tomato and clear soup;

After 7. burns boil, convert again medium baking temperature is stewed to beef loose, potato spallation, join onion piece with refined salt;

8. changes conflagration evaporate to burn boil again 1 to 2 minutes can.

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