The Kang Qiaochun of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the bolus of hotpot of practice _ green curry of bolus of green curry hotpot makes ball of hotpot of _ green curry [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
This dish is the hotpot bolus that flavors with green curry and coconut grandma sauce, do very easily.


HotpotEnd 225 grams, Crumble55 grams, Beefsteak sauceRight amount, coal tub outfitCoconut grandma1 canister (280 grams) , Green curry sauce25 grams


1. is used in end of bowl general hotpot, crumble and beefsteak sauce are smooth, hold a diameter 2.5 centimeters a round mass of food. The Gao Huo in after bit of spontaneously is being wiped slightly in frying pan, be being used heats, reach hotpot bolus simmer in water a bit black and fragile, about 5 minutes. Boiler reserves since.

2. pours curry sauce into hot frying pan to fry 1 minute or so, go in grandma of whole canister coco again and move small fire, the 5-10 that stew minute, often agitate. Get on fleshy bolus and the sauce makings that had stewed together desk, tie-in rice eats.

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