The Yang Peilan of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the tender tips of bamboo shoots of practice _ steaky pork stew of tender tips of bamboo shoots of steaky pork stew does tender tips of bamboo shoots of _ steaky pork stew [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
3 people in the home have a meal, dinner usually, it is two dish one soup or one boiling water of 3 food. I carry it entirely today, look look breaths out everybody.


Steaky pork, Tender tips of bamboo shootsRight amount, aniseed is right amount, The head of garlicRight amount, unripe smoke right amount, Often smokeRight amount, candy is right amount, Gallinaceous essenceRight amount


1. steaky pork cuts big, with unripe smoke, often smoke, the head of garlic, candy bloats a little while first, water of scald of tender tips of bamboo shoots is stand-by.

2. has oily pot, explode sweet the head of garlic, next steaky pork stir-fry before stewing are fried.

After 3. waits for fleshy chromatically, issue tender tips of bamboo shoots, add aniseed to add right amount water stew of flesh of general of medium baking temperature is soft.

4. went, the choice that nod chicken is leaving before having pot, very sweet, my daughter likes most.

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