The Xie Shuifeng of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how a round mass of food of practice _ pearl of pearl a round mass of food makes _ pearl a round mass of food [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction has eaten in restaurant, there is this food in plain food shop commonly, but he still is not hot mouth. Suit the course that lady and child take very much. Material

White sugar 1 spoon, salt 5 grams, PepperyPinkA few, dryAmylaceous4 big spoon, essence of lifePork300 grams, Polished glutinous rice1 2, Egg


bubble of polished glutinous rice 1 day

Stuffing of pork of essence of life has mixed with condiment, put dry amylaceous agitate to hit energetically next.

Go up drawer evaporate 25 minutes.

Xiao hang

The time of bubble of polished glutinous rice is bit longer, it is better that the effect of soft glutinous is met, summer bubble when should put in freezer, lest polished glutinous rice is broken.

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