Recommend the world of food _ cate that after 7 enter a winter, takes

Recommend 7 food that after entering a winter, eat

2017-11-09 17:41:04

It what food eat after entering a winter is good that what food after entering a winter, eats? What to eat can preserve one’s health? But a lot of friends do not know to begin to taste from which, Be inferior to letting today small make up take you to understand next winter to eat what food to be able to improve the health.

1. chili

Although preserve one’s health is advocated,should not eat hot, but have a few chili appropriately in the winter or piquancy food to the body also have profit. The expert expresses, winter cold wind is bigger, people feels easily frozen, a few friends that have arthritis also are compared in winter provoking, if this moment has bit of chili can active drive is cold, the lumbar acerbity leg that still can cause in order to prevent and cure because of cold wind is painful.

2. ginger

Water of a bowl of ginger can be boiled to drink to oneself after getting wind in the winter, because ginger has,prevent effect of cold warm body well, winter drinks ginger water to still can improve the symptom with icy hands or feet, but everybody should notice winter is unfavorable water of classics tipple ginger, besides special situation, drink ginger water every week can preserve one’s health.

3. flesh kind

A lot of people can appear in winter the symptom with icy hands or feet, the flesh that actually this and body absorb kind nutrition is concerned not quite. The expert thinks, do not think redo in the winter ” glacial beauty ” if, be about great eat the meat, the iron element in the flesh can help us resist cold, the winter can eat pork, beef and hotpot more appropriately.

4. black soya bean

Some old people can stew pig hoof with black soya bean in winter, but the ropy sense that some friends do not love this dietotherapy, nevertheless the expert expresses, black soya bean and pig hoof eat together pretty good embellish bowel enrichs the blood effect, and still can help 3 fast crowds reduce cholesterol, prevent the happening of cardiovascular disease.

5. tremella

Like red jujube, tremella also is nourishment often sees quite in the life, tremella can help us alleviate the dry that winter brings is angry, appear easily in the winter the dry, friend that has a skin can take the skin more dot tremella will improve the skin unwell, tremella still has pretty good filling lung effect, can prevent cold wind to bring harm to lung.

6. red jujube

Red jujube is all the year round common tonic, so why should winter also eat red jujube? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, in the winter ” dry ” can come badlier than autumn, red jujube belongs to filling food clear, can have the effect of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, we are so OK in the winter tea of bubble dot red jujube will drink, red jujube and other cordial so a move that stew eats.

7. yam

We often see hiemal street the small vendor’s stand of the yam that bake, believe a lot of people ever had experienced the happy feeling that has the yam that bake in cold wind, warm yam can make our body fast and warm rise not only, the material such as embedded prandial fiber, vitamin still can provide needs nourishment to the body.

Be worth bosom pregnancy

The theine chroma of the belt is contained to be as high as 10% in strong tea commonly, the excitement that can raise a person is spent, increase the micturition of pregnant woman and palpitant frequency and frequency, and the bear quantity of the heart of aggravating pregnant woman and kidney, may cause gravid and toxic disease more, drink tea because this is best less had better.

1, pregnant woman will face antenatal

If antenatal is drunk too much the word of strong tea, the theine in tea can produce excited effect and cause insomnia, if pregnant woman is in antenatal Morpheus is insufficient, when that may bring about childbirth beaten, the situation that still can create difficult labor even appears, the cost that this drinks tea is too big also.

2, as wet nurse person

After mom drinks next tea, the theine in tea is met but infiltration is galactic baby of indirect effect, adverse to the health of infantile body.

3, want personally the puerpera of lactation

Postpartum this paragraph during if drink next many tea, the contains Gao Nong to spend tannic acid in tea can be given to absorb by mucous membrane, the blood that affects mammary gland then circulates, can restrain galactic exudation, cause milk to secrete inadequacy.

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