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Oedema of disappear of soup of constant drink ormosia

2017-05-12 11:28:27

Ormosia weighs red bean of red bean, bare to wait again, action of its officinal health care applies extensively with respect to the home that it is cure from of old. Li Shizhen call his ” the cereal of the heart ” ; ” divine farming a book on Chinese medicine is talked ” in think ormosia is food medicine; ” classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine ” go up to introduce, ormosia has the effect of subsidence of a swelling, light body.

Ormosia sex pleasant of smooth, flavour is acerbity, have be good at the effect of detoxify of lienal benefit water, clear hot dehumidify, detumescence. As a result of be issued to lower levels of ormosia sex be apt to, open benefit lode, the ancients has ” feed your person more thin ” view. Modern medicine considers to also make clear, ormosia contains quantity of heat low, and contain a lot ofthe active part such as vitamin E and Potassium, magnesian, phosphor, zinc, Selenium, it is typical tall Potassium food, have fall blood sugar, fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat action, treating enteritis, dysenteric, diarrhoea and sore carbuncle furuncle swollen on Dou Youliang’s good effect.

Summer human body easy oedema, drink ormosia soup can yet be regarded as method of a kind of good dietotherapy of subsidence of a swelling. Oedema patient pass water is little, if be in first when serve as beverage with ormosia Bao soup, morrow swollen situation can drop, take 67 days repeatedly, the likelihood is completely abreaction. Occurrence oedema of ability to walk of old people summer, can edible ormosia congee, restrain an illness to break out repeatedly.

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