Tall hair of winter asthma disease eats pumpkin to be able to treat _ cate the world effectively

Tall hair of winter asthma disease eats pumpkin to be able to be treated effectively

2016-09-19 15:13:38

Winter, it is asthmatic disease tall hair period. Introduction of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, because tall caloric food is absorbed for a long time as a result of human body in winter,this is, and cause system inside ” internal heat ” more exuberant, be heated up because of lung more and cause. Asthmatic ill patient mights as well adopt therapeutics of medicaments of a few blame to undertake trying, eating turnip and pumpkin more in winter for instance is a kind of effective method.

Winter, fresh area is born in free market of agricultural products and supermarket, be cut a pumpkin everywhere of a sale is visible, take the right season or time of pumpkin it may be said. The nutrient class status of pumpkin is fuller, nutrient value is higher also. C of the vitamin in tender pumpkin and dextrose content are richer than old pumpkin; Content of the calcium of old pumpkin, iron, carotene is higher. Asthmatic to preventing and cure disease all compares these material advantageous. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think: Pumpkin flavour pleasant, sex is lukewarm, have the profit in filling gas, disappear is phlegmy the function that relieve a cough, its dietotherapy method has:

Pumpkin of evaporate of juice of sweet candy ginger

Material: Take 500 grams pumpkin together, rock candy and honey each 50 grams, compress ginger juice is right amount.

Make: pumpkin surface abluent, flesh of take out pumpkin and seed, in pumpkin sunken ministry puts ginger juice, rock candy and honey, put on steam box to lie between water steam 2 hours can.

Action: Daily take an in part, divide edible 2 times everyday, can fill lobar kidney, relieve a cough asthma.

Pumpkin skin boils beef

Material: Take old pumpkin skin 200 grams, 100 grams reach beef 200 grams.

Make: Enter jointly thoroughly cook inside boiler boil sodden, eat the meat, drink boiling water, daily 2, can often edible.

Action: Can fill blood of gas of taste, beneficial, relieve a cough to breathe heavily surely.

Pumpkin of candy of red purplish red

Material: Go nuclear red jujube 20, pumpkin makes an appointment with 500 grams, brown sugar a few.

Make: pumpkin flay stripping and slicing, add water to boil with red jujube sodden, after joining brown sugar to flavor can edible.

Action: Edible is measured but according to the patient particular case and calm, have likewise relieve a cough the effect of beneficial lung.

Hoosh of pumpkin fresh vegetable

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