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What does Bao Shang Yong feed capable person is the rightest

2014-09-29 09:53:39

Autumn is dry season, the much soup that drink Bao can have the very good effect that prevent disease, because the main function of Bao soup is be good at taste, clear lung,heat up, the clear bowel heat, gas in filling. Want to obtain these use, the material of soup and make a law appear particularly important.

Our country folk ever was circulating for a long time all sorts of ” dietotherapy soup ” , today person criterion its praise for ” nutrition soup of be good at cure ” . For example: Soup of crucian carp fish connects lacteal water, cuttlefish soup enrichs the blood, columbine broth benefit at cut astringent, shang Quhan of brown sugar ginger is published, heat of cool solution of gram soup Qing Dynasty, turnip soup disappear is fed aerate, black agaric Shang Ming looks, tremella soup filling shade is waited a moment. Do not know these to be able to be denied call for ” soup culture ” , actually can says of long standing and well established.

The soup stuff that autumn dietotherapy fits also is with embellish lung goes dry, fill lienal be good at stomach chooses for main effect. 6 kinds of material suit autumn Bao Shang Xuan to use especially below.



1, kelp

Sexual cold flavour is salty, have expectorant, soft firm, fall the effect of blood pressure. Fat of appropriate hypertension, tall blood, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis patient edible, chronic to old age bronchitic also have very good curative effect. It is OK that patient of disease of rachitic, cartilage, osteoporosis waits eat kelp more. Kelp soup is OK still keep out is cold, because contain many iodic element among them, and the synthesis that iodic element conduces to exciting thyroid hormone.

2, Bai Luobo

Contain lignin among them, can decompose carcinogenic substance inferior saltpetre amine, have the effect that fight cancer so. Additional, bai Luobo is one of optimal origin with human body calcic complement, this kind of organic calcium is in turnip skin content is most. At the same time Bai Luobo has the fine effect that embellish lung relieves a cough in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

3, western dish

It is southern all the year round some vegetable. Western vegetable has a way commonly, wait with kidney of pig lean lean, duck, raw fish namely together Bao soup, become western dish Bao deep, take even course soup to eat together next. It is to have clear dry profit lung, expectorant relieve a cough, the effect such as diuresis. The health care of beneficial head fitness is vegetable.

4, dish works

Become with fresh Chinese cabbage insolation, its advantage is, already but keep in storage makes agelong edible, after classics sun is basked in, absorbed solar ultraviolet radiation, contain C of vitamin of rich vitamin A, B a group of things with common features, vitamin and cellulose, can eliminate inside bowel of fire, clear hot advantage. In addition, dish doing can prevent more scorbutic with dermatosis.

Bao of soup of oxtail bright mushroom


5, lotus lotus root

Pleasant of flavour of sex of ripe lotus lotus root, lukewarm, avirulent, can fill heart heart’s-blood, be good at stomach leaves lienal, alimentary and strong, pee of benefit of soup of lotus lotus root, qing Dynasty heats up embellish lung. Can cooperate pig lean lean at ordinary times or soup of a Bao drinks pig bone, it is better to join mouthfeel of right amount gram.

Soup of chop of lotus lotus root

6, Zhu Sun

Zhu Sun belongs to basic provision, long-term edible can be adjusted in the content of acid of the blood inside old people body and fatty acid, have fall the action of blood pressure. In addition, zhu Sun still can reduce the cholesterol inside body, reduce celiac wall adipose lay aside is accumulated etc.

Chicken broth of earth of angelica bamboo Sun

Bao soup recipe

1, must use the arenaceous boiler with larger volume, once turn on the water,add water no longer, after baked wheaten cake leaves in, with small fire or Bao of low baking temperature two hours above, and only Bao of arenaceous boiler ability gives distinctive little taste. Arenaceous boiler is Bao Shang Zhi ” predestined relationship ” .

2, should put enough ginger. Beneficial of Jiang Ke lukewarm this world is lienal, harmonic all flavour, shang Zhi of Jiang Nai Bao ” fetch ” .

3, must use fresh pork, must contain a few adipose. Enhance the result that Shang Zhi benefits, this is Bao Shang Zhi ” qualitative ” .

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