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Collocation of 4 pairs of food prevents a cold

2014-02-19 10:44:36

Guide language: Wintry spring is season of cold tall hair, recently, net of Japanese hairdressing health ” Ranger ” 4 pairs of food and drink that print article introduced what nutrient division sums up to be able to prevent a cold are tie-in.

Understanding more fights cold cookbook, recommend beautiful day special subject: Dietotherapy of change garments according to the season fights a cold “Feed ” divide to disease drive away a cold

On the west orchid + shellfish. Orchid contains a lot ofvitamin C and carotene on the west, have powerful effect to fight oxidation, collocation contains a lot ofthe shellfish of high grade albumen and zinc, can enhance power of human body immunity, precaution catchs a cold.

Ginger + spinach. The hot element of piquancy composition ginger that ginger place contains and ginger ketone have effect of sudoriferous invigorate the circulation of blood, can improve substance cold appearance, as tie-in as the spinach that contains a lot ofcarotene, can enhance the result that prevents a cold.

Salmon + tomato. The B that salmon contains whole sort almost a group of things with common features vitamin, tomato is contained fight red element of oxidation composition tomato, both collocation can the function that activation enhances a cell, enhance immune power, precautionary cold virus inbreaks.

Collocation of 4 pairs of food prevents a cold

Rice + soya bean. The bases of rice is carbohydrate, its protein quality is not high, but as tie-in as the soya bean that contains a lot oflysine, can improve protein quality, enhance immune power.

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