The world of cate of officinal value _ of capillary artemisia Hao

The officinal value of capillary artemisia Hao

2012-02-07 13:55:05

Capillary artemisia Hao belongs to feverfew. Tender Miao Ke makes dishes at a meal, hong Shunyu ” the expert vegetable grower endows with ” the cloud:” The palm of violet ginger of chamfer of to one’s heart’s content, the silk of capillary artemisia of Xi of wash one’s hair. “Li Shizhen cloud:” There still is the habit that makes capillary artemisia cake, group with ground rice now between the countryman in the ” that person of raise of the Huaihe River still collected seedling of wild capillary artemisia and pink to make capillary artemisia cake feed on Feburary 2 today. Capillary artemisia makes food, want to select tender young plant, old officinal it is capillary artemisia Hao. Reason has ” Feburary capillary artemisia, may the view of Hao ” . Recent research proves, collect the takes fruit spike capillary artemisia Hao that close with autumn, be contained about active ingredient is most, curative effect this continous (tender) capillary artemisia is better.

? of flavour of ? cate sex

Pleasant, Pingwei is cold, avirulent.

? of ? cate composition

Contain naphtha, the bases in oil is ketone of B- Pai Xi, capillary artemisia, folic acid to wait, hao belongs to spicy beans essence kind.

? of ? cate pharmacodynamics

Close somebody reachs from inside its naphtha a kind of new class status, have puissant and antiseptic effect to bacterium of filiform of sex of dermatosis cause of disease. Have outspread bile duct in addition, excrete bile, stimulative liver rejuvenesce action.

? of ? cate function

Wet, Qing Dynasty heats up benefit.

Icteric and calorific, defecate constipate:

30 grams of capillary artemisia Hao, huang Wei child 15 grams, give birth to gram of Chinese rhubarb 6~9, water simmer in water, a day 2 times cent is taken.

Icteric model contagious hepatitis:

30 grams of capillary artemisia Hao, cogongrass art 15 grams, water simmer in water is added saccharic take.

Cholecystitis, gall-stone:

Capillary artemisia Hao, corn needs each 30 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Nettle rash, skin urticant disease, heurodermatitis:

15 grams of capillary artemisia Hao, summer cypress child 12 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Hypertensive, nephritis, liver cirrhosis:

Capillary artemisia Hao root of 10 days of thistle each 15 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

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