The autumn grows blain to need not be afraid that 8 kinds of food help the world of cate of _ of your dispel blain

The autumn grows blain to need not be afraid that 8 kinds of food aid your dispel blain

2016-09-29 16:43:40

Blain grows on the face, no matter use,the smooth blain that use dispel protects skin to taste is, long blain blain and food are undeserved also have certain connection. Accordingly, still need inside raise transfer to other localities, look below first, blain of what food dispel is the most effective.


Medlar stews Chinese cabbage

1.Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage facilitates store, it is people often the vegetable of edible, it is the dispel blain fine that an overflow must recommend more article. The vitamin A that Chinese cabbage place contains, C, E and zinc and carotene are antioxidant, it is the main a magic weapon of beautiful skin, can prevent the skin to become dry, coarse lose luster, divide blain blain and blain mark to also have first-rate effect to discharging poison to raise Yan Qu.


Leek contains more crude fibre, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, can prevent chronic constipation and alvine cancer effectively. These fiber are OK still the wrap up such as bits of a grit in enteron, metal rises outside following defecate eduction style, have ” the grass that wash bowel ” say.

3.Pig blood

The serous albumen in pig blood, in passing human body hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and digestive juice enzymatic after decomposing, can produce the material of a kind of detoxify and slippery bowel action, produce chemical reaction with particle of the dust that invades gastric intestine, harmful metal, the trash that turns into to be absorbed not easily by human body, outside giving put oneself in another’s position side by side.

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