Winter sports reachs the world of cate of _ of medicaments preserve one’s health

Winter sports reachs medicaments preserve one’s health

2012-02-07 12:48:25

Winter sports reachs medicaments preserve one’s health

In the winter, because climate is chilly, a lot of people are not willing to attend athletic sports. But place of common saying of no less than says: “Move in the winter, make a disease less; Lazy in the winter one lazy, drink drug more a bowl. ” ” Xia Lian the three ten-day periods of the hot season, the winter is experienced 39. ” these explain, winter holds to physical training, special be beneficial to healthy.

Winter sports reachs medicaments preserve one's health

[Cold-resistant takes exercise]

Cold-resistant takes exercise benefit a person, the heart and vessels to human body, breath, digest, motion, internal system is helpful, the happening that can reduce accident of blood-vessel of coronary heart disease, head, cold, cough, arthritis, fat disease to wait thereby. At the same time cold-resistant can make a person macrobian, to the youth, cold-resistant still can exercise firm volition of the person and indomitable spirit, should advocate especially.

Although cold-resistant ability of the person has certain limit, the person with different constitution’s exciting to chill reaction also is discriminating, but can raise airframe to suffer a gender to be able to bear or endure coldly through taking exercise this can affirm. How to step the first pace that cold-resistant exercises? After the chill such as this problem comes, consider again already late. Because the change of air temperature is gradually by arrive high low, of people take exercise to also must adopt the measure that makes airframe gets used to chill stage by stage. If a person can insist arrive from hot weather Leng Tian everyday early morning goes uninterruptedly to field, go darkly breathing the fresh air outdoor, his cold-resistant capacity also can increase gradually. If reduce the physical training that adds the other form that vivid momentum upgrades stage by stage as air temperature again, like ran, play a ball game, mountain-climbing, although do not become aware in cold place,people is met cold. The ancients summary goes out ” cool autumn days ” method, be adaptability of pair of airframe cold-resistant ability essentially take exercise.

Winter sports reachs medicaments preserve one's health

[Winter swimming]

Winter swimming is a collect prevents disease, treat a disease, fitness, fight decline the athletic project that is an organic whole, it can enhance a constitution significantly, enhance airframe resistance and immune power. When winter swimming, the stimulation of cold water can make human body blood-vessel closes ceaselessly piece, exercised hemal flexibility thereby, the action that prevent and delays arteriosclerosis happening and development reached since, effect of disease of blood of tall to preventing the old people in alleviating sticky sluggish is apparent. The cold stimulation of winter swimming still can adjust the excitement of central nervous system and low-key balance, be helpful for the function with human body neurological plant improving.

Of course, join the person of winter swimming, must have the base that cold water exercises, the body has certain suiting to cold stimulation ability, ability can begin winter swimming. Sufficient warming-up must be done before winter swimming, wait for the body calorific and rear can enter the water. When drilling first, enter the water time shoulds not be too long, swim every time 10 meters can, in the step up on this foundation. The accident of winter swimming time, want to be decided according to weather and individual circumstance, cannot importune consistent.

Color of the skin after human body suffers cold water to stimulate changes ceaselessly: Cadaverous color, shallow red, amaranth. And the danger signal that amaranth is winter swimming, right now, winter swimming wants to stop instantly. Give water wheeler to go up to be wiped with dry towel, till the skin is aglow till. Get dressed, redo arranges an activity, wait for the end after the body feels warmth, comfortable.

Winter swimming still should notice, most everyday 1 or tertian 1, otherwise physical strength is used up too big, harmful instead; Must perserve, if time interval is too long, the suiting that the body in taking exercise previously produces ability can reduce; when gorge hind, hunger, tired hind, unfavorable undertake winter swimming; After winter swimming, do not drink warm oneself.

Winter sports reachs medicaments preserve one's health


In the winter, do not wish when you outdoor when undertaking taking exercise, might as well jump in the home skip, this activity goes easily simply, effect of Dan Jian body is admirable. The control ability chime that double base can improve significantly when skip moves capacity. When cord of both hands roll, still can exercise humeral joint and wrist. As jumpy section law, cardiovascular system and respiratory system get taking exercise. In addition, skip still is a motion that reduces weight effectively. To children, snow ground skip is having more fun.

Winter sports reachs medicaments preserve one's health

[Motion is no-no]

Winter is engaged in physical training is quite good part to promotional health. But, if carelessly sports is wholesome, can bring to human body instead damage. Accordingly, winter sports must notice sports is wholesome. Winter easy head cold, head cold or when having a fever, must not pursue violent campaign. Otherwise, can aggravating illness, cause cardiac muscle to straighten dead even or cardiac muscle is phlogistic.

Do not forget before motion prepare activity. Because be below cold condition, the muscle of human body is inflexible, articulatory flexibility is poor, easy happening muscle is pulled or joint contuses.

Athletic intensity should be arranged proper, especially the speed of ran wants by arrive slow to increase quickly gradually, the size of carry momentum wants because of the person different, successive, especially aged weak and sick person with teenager children, athletic intensity scarcely has wanted big.

Had better not breathe with the mouth when motion, and with nose. Because pass the cold air after nose filters, already clean, wet, do not pass again cold, can have favorable protective effect to respiratory system so.

Medicaments preserve one’s health

Common saying says, “The winter does not hide essence of life, spring surely disease is lukewarm ” . Winter, essence of the Tibet inside gas of human body this world, shade is adherence, it is the save up phase of airframe energy, to body weakling it is good into what fill season.

[Into fill should differentiate card and for]

Winter, the person that is body empty enters the good season that fill, but ” empty ” reason each are not identical, because this is entered,because of the person different wants when filling, because of the constitution different.

[Into fill men and women needing branch]

The person’s lifetime needs to experience different development and physiology change level. The gas blood yin and yang of the internal organs of the body inside each level human body has the change of different level, the circumstance of the habits and customs of person of each age level and study, job also each are not identical, accordingly, should benefit according to these change the body.

Children is splanchnic and delicate, easy theory easy reality, food often does not know again abstemious, as a result injures taste, its benefit in what the winter makes, should give priority to with be good at taste, can feed tuckahoe, hawkthorn, big jujube, Yi benevolence to wait. And young student reads day and night, often rest Morpheus is insufficient, heart lienal or heart kidney empty, its benefit in what the winter makes can choose lotus seed, head black. Many middleaged person bear heavy responsibility, rest carelessly, and cause injury of gas blood bad news, reason winter makes benefit give priority to in order to raise gas blood, can feed longan flesh, the root of remembranous milk vetch, angelica to wait. Old people body is frail, contract a variety of diseases plus the body, the winter makes reason old people must enter fill. When old people does not have disease, can choose the bark of eucommia, head black. If sick, criterion must differentiate card is entered fill.

[Winter is entered fill not ultra]

Enter filling is to adjust of the body all sorts of function, make the body more healthy, but if enter,had filled to slant, fill and become kill, make airframe incurs loss again. For example, although be deficiency of yin with irritability, but blindly large dose raises shade and carelessly measurable, filling shade too over- , instead check hurts in relief morale, cause cold dignified of human body shade, what occurrence Yin Chengyang declines is angry. Enter so fill should fill appropriate is measurable, stop where it should stop.

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