Autumn eats hot reduce the world of cate of immune force _

Autumn eats hot reduce immune force

2012-02-07 12:21:15

The autumn eats hot good least of all too hot reduce immune force

“Joys and sorrows of life is salty ” in this the five flavors, can not resemble blindly hot such, have appeal so, let a lot of people cannot help doing sth. Eat hot hind in dripping wet of kubla khah of the meeting inside short time, have very comfortable feeling, because piquancy can stimulate sweat gland to secrete, quicken metabolic amiable blood to move, have certain profit to the body. But eat hot should right amount, hot eat much also have side effect. Can let person constipation, get angry not only, suffer from easily still on cold or other disease, this often is ignored by everybody. Its reason basically is to eat the immune strength that hot place causes to reduce.

Chili is called in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” laborious flavour food ” , have very big ” disperse the internal heat with sudorifics ” action, cross much edible, easy ” bad news is enraged ” , accordingly, hot food eats much, can feel easy and all-overish, tired instead. “The person of deficiency of vital energy cannot eat more hot. ” Yang Li of professor of academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science expresses, much performance of this kind of person gives abnormal sweating due to general debility infirmly, lack of powerly, easily for body. Because chili has effect of some disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, can make this kind of person perspires in great quantities, empty is added on empty. And the person that belong to flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability at ordinary times, easy occurrence mouth does the phenomenon such as glossal dry, guttural gall, constipation, although,eat hot food temporarily delighted, but can make these symptoms aggravating and severalfold afterwards. Say commonly, piquancy food suits to grow in the person edible of the damp area such as Sichuan quite, after the person edible of northward and dry area, the symptom such as suffer from excessive internal heat, deficiency of vital energy will be more serious. Germany has a newest research to show, eat hot best at noon, the digestive capability of intestines and stomach is the right now strongest, eat in the evening hot cause the disease such as gastric ulcer easily.

In addition, eat hot see season even. “Suit to eat most hot is in the winter, cold in the winter and chili conduces to elevatory temperature. Suit to have hot season least of all, not be burning hot summer, however autumn. ” Yang Li says. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has the five flavors to join the version of the five internal organs, acid enters lung, suffering into liver, laborious heart, salty enter into kidney, pleasant lienal, and the autumn is easy ” lobar dry ” when, do not suit to eat especially hot.

Yang Li reminds say: “It is different that people is spent to hot acceptance. Eating hot course can let him perspire slightly is groove. Small hot food, can have a everyday; And constitutional itself does not suit to have hot person most a week eats.

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