The world of cate of _ of dish of scientific edible of the previous night

Dish of scientific edible of the previous night

2012-02-07 12:18:29

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It is traditional goodness of the Chinese sparely, taking course of of the previous night so is a very common thing it seems that, little imagine, dish of of the previous night not only nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is serious, and the material that still can produce to have a harm to the body. The expert reminds, vegetable of of the previous night, seafood does not eat, the flesh kind when edible must steam heat is squashy, in case food stores time is long, putrefaction, bring about bromatoxism.

Dish of scientific edible of the previous night

Dish of leaf of of the previous night is unfavorable eat

Allegedly, incidence of a disease of Cantonese cancer of the stomach is low, concern with the habit that does not have vegetable of of the previous night. As a result of partial greenery kind more nitric acid salt is contained in vegetable kind, after thoroughlying cook if place time is too long, below bacterial catabolism, nitric acid salt is met reductive into nitrite, have the effect that cause cancer, heat also cannot purify.

Health has a way: Normally cauline leaf kind content of salt of vegetable nitric acid is highest, melon kind vegetable is a bit low, rhizome kind with beautiful dish kind be placed in the middle. Accordingly, if bought the vegetable of different sort at the same time, should have cauline part of a historical period first kind, for instance Chinese cabbage, spinach. If prepare to do a few dish to heating up eating word the following day more, should make cauline page less as far as possible kind vegetable, and choose melon kind vegetable.

Shang Cunfang of of the previous night has exquisite

Guangzhou person likes Bao boiling water, the Shang Fang that does not drink enters freezer in, boil the following day boiled to be drunk again. Is soup of this kind of of the previous night good to the body?

Health has a way: Saving a method best is the flavoring that saline and so on does not put by soup, boil good soup to use clean ladle spoon to go out to wanted to drink that day, do not drink, had better be to use made of baked clay boiler to deposit in freezer. Because remnant soup is filled for long,be inside aluminous boiler, stainless steel boiler, send unripe chemical response easily, ying Chengfang is in glass or household utensils of pottery and porcelain.

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