Often eat the bean sprouts that do not have a root to send the world of cancerous _ cate easily

Often eat the bean sprouts that do not have a root to cause cancer easily

2012-02-07 12:16:46

A lot of families like to choose the edible of bean sprouts dish with dumpy without fibrous root, bine, small terminal bud, think this plants bean sprouts dish tender fragile, waste is little also, and cook is fast. But the expert reminds, noxiousness of dish of this kind of bean sprouts is very strong, have the certain sex that cause cancer, right healthy have greater harm.

According to expert introduction, dish of this kind of bean sprouts that do not have a root is put into a kind to be called in breeding a process ” herbicide ” material is urged happen long, herbicide has very strong noxiousness, can restrain a plant to grow normally not only, make plant happening deformation, grow a bine only, do not grow root and head, and still can destroy protein, vitamin, mineral wait for nutriment.

The person ate to contain herbicide to breed urge the bean sprouts dish of hair, its all sorts of chemical toxin can restrain human body all sorts of cells grow, erode damage an organization. If often eat,contain the bean sprouts dish with herbicide higher concentration, still can restrain human body the growth of all sorts of cells or organization are metamorphic, make certain cell happens choppy and gradually develop is cancer cell. Additional, still can cause certain tissue chronic and toxic, bring about metabolic obstacle.

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