Pregnant feminine masturbation satisfies family of whether reasonable _ to teach net of doctor of neighbor of _ of _ adjacent little sister

When be pregnant, the woman often is to cannot undertake excessiveSexual love, such to darling it is adverse, so general in the life if the woman was pregnant, also have particular sexual demand, cannot have passion right now, so it is OK that him masturbation is satisfied? A lot of women want to know believe this problem, masturbation is a kind of means with our ego contented sexual love, whether does this kind of means suit pregnancy woman, that looks.

Sexual love of neighbor doctor net

A lady asks: I see “ the view on the net, masturbation can cause sterility, whether does masturbation disturb conception? I am good angst. My letter in reply says ” later: “ should not, be at ease please. What ” did not think of is, she sends a letter again recently say: You say “ horse teacher rightly, masturbation is noninterference is pregnant. The first my month did not adopt measure to be pregnant, instantly I am gravid 7 weeks, is the circumstance of instantly masturbation can bring abortion? I am overcome stopSexual lifeBe opposite after of the gender yearning, be forced to masturbate solve, but special apprehension aborts, how can be I handled? ”

To whether can make love between gestation or reaching a climax, people is put in different opinion from beginning to end. Somebody thinks the likelihood causes gravid and inchoate abortion or gravid and terminal premature delivery, be like gravid and additional a few weeks of sexual intercourse are more dangerous, especially male on top causes caul easily to defeat; early to also contrary report says gravid and terminal sexual intercourse does not lengthen the opportunity that can reduce premature delivery even, if be put in next reproduction,nevertheless infection extends slink possibility possibly. The view that faces a net to go up to contradict so lets a person really not know what to do.

My what have specific aim more is individual the proposal that turn is to do not have any circumstances, which have so much worry, had not heard those who bring abortion what to person is masturbation. Although 8 weeks of around are more critical date, but thought the habitual abortion is to squeeze a car to be squeezed in the past, reach for the thing of altitude, one pile looks like reasonable cause. So once be pregnant again, the lie in bed on the horse, the result lies in vain, of this shedding still flow, the reason is embryonic itself has a case, those alleged reasons are primary have not a leg to stand on.

Want, without the time of prophylactic, abort also dare not go after feminine carry on a clandestine love affair is pregnant carelessly, want to hit also do not have a place. Then oneself jump below past step, jump downward from the tree, desperately ran or skip, the method of do sth over and over again that can think of thought of, still did not use. So, generally speaking, embryo grows strongly to wear, if so not strong, stay to also be bothered. Somebody protects a fetus with corpus luteum ketone desperately, the result protects the child that leaves a development to have a case, pain goes.

The means of masturbation also is the means of a kind of sexual life that satisfies desire of him sexual love, it is of course in this process we or need follow the sexual life demand that can learn reasonable method to satisfy his.

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