Raise a pet can macrobian! Live to be 12 methods of human life limit – net of legend preserve one’s health


The closest a few detailed science about macrobian respect consider to show, we can help you Azrael aloof close the door on. Of course, we make your extravagant hopes impossibly immortal do not die, but our at least can let you live more scientificly, more healthy also…

“ the most person among us cannot live to be the age that gene ‘ appoints ’ , ” comes from Doctor Luo Sen of London to say, he is the macrobian and authoritative personage of world-class. Research of nearly a few years makes clear “ , to most person, behavior and life style are distant to the influence of your life should get greatly than gene much. ”

The closest a few detailed science about macrobian respect consider to show, we can help you Azrael aloof close the door on. Of course, we make your extravagant hopes impossibly immortal do not die, but our at least can let you live more scientificly, more healthy also, the age that lets you that is to say breaks up on one time than what you imagine at the outset.

Nevertheless, those who want a specification is, the age that we say breaks up time, can not be to let your age multiply really with 2. Our means, should grow what you can live far to imagine than you a lot of. In fact, want you to agree to think a lot of way only, and go doing according to what we say, with respect to chairman birthday. Do the mouth of tall difficulty to calculate more at ordinary times for instance, can make you much vividder 2.5 years old. These prove through scientific test.

1, sing paean to be able to make you increase: 2 years old

Open in the morning open one’s eyes, say to the sound of National People’s Congress beside you, “ you are really beautiful. ” if you are a person sleep, that is opened what waiting for your Happy think the cloud outside, meadow is mixed when opening one’s eyes a flock of friends. The researcher of Pittsburgh university discovers, mix to all people in the bottom of the heart forever the heart that the thing is holding in the arms to be thankful, praising in the all the time the person of others can each days have a good time is substantial, also live more healthily.

2, go basking to the seaside can make you increase 3.3 years old

Often see the person that is less than sunshine may produce a lot of risk. The research of an affection obstacle of psycho department shows Colombian university, lack shining likelihood to bring about depressed disease or other and pertinent question to appear, for instance excessive drinking, suicide is waited a moment. Go the seaside basks a week, can let you walk out of this kind of dark mood. Research shows, successive 5 days, everyday seaside of 30 minutes is solar, can cure the depressed disease patient of half above.

3, make movement of brain high speed OK make you increase: 4.6 years old

Keep clear-eyed nimble fundamental law is: Using it forever. Consider to show, be protected effectively and strengthen neurological motion to be able to make your defer consenescence is mixed gawkish. Cerebrum is in from beginning to end active the person that syares blankly to the wall all the day than those with the person of busy condition suffers from on the odds of senile and gawkish disease wants small much. Often make game, read a book, get online, or it is study, can make your brain high speed runs.

4, change a national life to be able to make you increase: 6.4 years old

If you think zoology environment of home is not quite appropriate,live, that changes a country to live, for instance Europe. Of course, from whole for, european environment also is not special ideal, a research that makes by European Union committee shows, the mortality that be polluted by air and brings about is equal almost the mortality at traffic accident. Average person always thinks, the environment that is in England will be better, but in fact, england can have more than 32 every year, the person of 000 dies at air pollution, and can make the person’s life decreases on average one year. And Irish air has been met, rank in Europe the 2nd, ranking first is Finnish. Nevertheless, if you want to live longlier really, the Andorra republic that goes to Europe then. Ability is a country that did not pollute almost really over there, the person’s mean life achieved 83 years old over there.

5, can make with dental floss you increase: 6.4 years old

When you use dental floss, you not only last night remnant the get rid of of cruelly oppress broken bits between slit between the teeth come out, and the tooth that can let you gives birth to dirty no longer. A research of the hairdressing dentistry research center of the Wisconsin shows, the adult that has nearly 80% contracts tooth week disease, and the tooth of the of 20% person that leave also grows very uglily, and these, the great majority among us does not know. Of course, the thing also is not special flooey, normally for, it is OK to go to we should see a dentist only.

Nevertheless, according to M.d. research of Kelisi shows, the man that has tooth ill history suffers from on the machine rate of pancreatic cancer wants tower above than Everyman 63% . So, he suggests one year to see two dentist 4 times. I’m quite sure, see dentist very expensive, but total comparable cancer is strong, and the nip in the bud still can make you live longlier.

6, drink a grandma to be able to make you increase: 7.2 years old

Milk, need not say more, now it is a very sensitive topic. People just begins to take a cup to whether can drink a milk in the consideration afresh. And what MH wants to say is, do not want give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk. Actually, if do not have 3 get together the thing of cyanogen amine and so on, milk is first-rate thing. It is a kind pure natural most the provision that nourishing fights consenescence and supply body. Already a lot of clinical experiments confirm, milk has rife effect, provide energy for instance, make skin has energy more, reduce ache, make allergic constitution gets ameliorative, quicken the body to recover from an illness, hearten mood.

7, look for a spouse to be able to make you increase 9.5 years old for oneself

Divorce, and the room of other in part that allows you is empty, this is not a very good idea really. Your life will be more lonely. Humble of gram of new York the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces straps an university a research 2004 shows, the divorce can quicken the ageing of leucocyte. On the other hand, long life needs to rely on two people to come really hold together. The relation of the love with long-term “ can make you young 6.5 years old, ” Dr. Luo Sen says. The stable life that fixed sexual relationship can let you enter a kind of balance goes in condition. Indeed, the sort of sexual relationship that has the law and long-term and faithful photograph are defended and can not be really certainly on your body happen, but if you do not try repeatedly, how do you know you are lucky without this kind?

8, laugh can make you increase: 10 years old

Humour can make you more healthy, more macrobian, happier, the positive result of a research that university of Norwegian science and technology published 2006 shows this. Occupy them additionally to confirm, the person that has sense of humor should suffer from the possibility that goes up to be cured when major disease or improve to want tower above than someone else 30% . Laugh can make the person produces more protection hormonal, adjust blood pressure, reduce pressure, enhance immune system. In view of laugh at the profit that can bring so much to you, make oneself some more laugh, can make your life increases 8 years old. So, begin to see comedic movie more from now, hear cross talk more, also jest listens to others.

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