How should we be far from occupational disease – every day net of preserve one’s health

How should we be far from occupational disease

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How should we be far from occupational disease


What how long didn’t you care you is healthy, is what thinking momently the job? Very much now contract a few occupational disease, the life that endangering oneself is safe. So how should we be far from occupational disease? We follow slightly of healthy net small make up will understand.


Remember this word has become “ overfatigue dead ” the way of a kind of death that office worker can choose, do not let it become your epitaph. If because you feel compunctious word by nowadays class, can pass a few significant issues are made after coming off work, will stroke make the same score this kind of mood, go visitting father and mother for instance, do a volunteer, perhaps attend puppy.


TV is put out before you fall asleep 1 hour. See TV can stimulate your cerebra, let it be in the state that enters Mian hard. Whole evening sleeps bad psychosis, be equivalent to content of the alcohol in blood reaching the level that drunk wine drives.


In the morning when, do not pick up the telephone, full term sound leaves a message, after listening together next, another replies. Can avoid you to be in so need is absorption when doing a business, be disturbed ceaselessly.


If you are received very do laugh, or it is the mail that compares the Eight Diagrams, do not be eager to transmit, otherwise you are met from more colleagues more doing is received to laugh at mail over there the friend. Because be on this thing, people likes courtesy demands reciprocity.


Check kill virus, delete expire file, clear the fragment, software that installs need, also uninstall needless software at the same time. An investigation 2005 discovers, a lot of office worker need on average to handle computer issue technically with 48 minutes everyday.


the time that subordinate report works, brains storm time, or the time that is supervisory work schedule, secure in everyday inside a certain period of time. Such won’t somebody breaks your job from time to time. And this fixed period of time, can pass completely a bit more easily, add bit of tea and mug-up.


The place on put together is narrated, we can be adopted above these methods, help us be far from occupational disease.

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