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Duty field promotes to a high office after all who said to calculate

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“Small beautiful married, bridegroom is not me ” , “The colleague rises job, raises and I have nothing to do ” , be an upright person the most depressed there’s no one who doesn’t or isn’t is too such. The person is on-the-job field development, rising the pursuit that is each person, it is lasting theme. It is to drift with the tide, passivity develops, hard expect is promoted opportunity; hits out actively still, management ego, management colleague, management boss, hold the active advantageous position that ego expands, create rising opportunity, grasp rising opportunity? The profession develops — rising, who said to calculate? Alone division of beautiful profession program is you the path of analytic and rising development.

The path that the field of 360 degrees of duty with rising profession gets along

Duty field gets along include boss, boss, colleague, subordinate, client to wait to the relation is handled and be safeguarded. The concept of professional robot can explain the method that the processing principle of all sorts of relations and duty field get along very well. System of structure of company, organization, company, post, duty is the course that professional robot runs and program, also be professional robot humanness, played criterion.

With the boss, in human affairs, promote, raises respect is to most speech counterpoises of course, because this has handled the relation with the boss, let the person that the boss thinks you are useful to the enterprise, approbate your ability, affirm your outstanding achievement, it is one of the most important knowledge in duty field undoubtedly. In the meantime, the boss still has a part, the boss that is boss then — boss of bypass the immediate leadership. If Chang Min feels, the dispute of relation processing all along of boss of the boss with boss, bypass the immediate leadership is inscribed, the subordinate that what oneself immediate boss worries most also is him and oneself boss concern is unidentified, be close to what go too too, even bypass the immediate leadership appears in the newspaper. So how does balance both concern, let a boss (boss of bypass the immediate leadership) the contribution that sees oneself, approbate oneself ability, and the wariness that should eliminate immediate boss, let immediate boss trusts and approbate oneself, became those who promote to a high office not 2 doohickey.

With boss, inside the part of professional robot, the input that boss is acting a part to control a process, adjust, revise, demote, the part that upgrade. For rising need, should maintain mentality with the relation of boss the distance is close, physical distance is far. Psychological distance is close, the outstanding achievement of facilitating boss, keep synchronous with boss, right amount the fruit that shares oneself with boss, maintain the contact with boss and connection more in the local place that is far from a colleague, let boss is close to and trust oneself. Physical distance is far, in the ken of work in the same placing, want to maintain certain distance with boss, the yesman of boss, person that runs on 10 times 8 times toward boss office everyday, undoubted meeting becomes colleague attack and the target that elbow out, also make boss bad to be in manage and balance subordinate at the same time people relation.

With the colleague, colleague since is same the co-worker of platform, also be the main competitor on rising road, collaboration and competitive relation decided the way of the work in the same placing that get along. Rising main power to make decisions is mixed in boss boss of bypass the immediate leadership, the opinion that still has work in the same placing is very principal also, it is very important to because this hook in is mixed,maintain good relationship. But again good colleague relationship also is colleague relation only, with the friend the relation has very big difference, have some of thing, some words, can do can say, and some however cannot. And processing of those main in the colleague concern of potential and rising adversary needs skill and method especially, the excludes oneself potential competitor that does not show hill dew needs well-advised to observe, painstaking work.

With subordinate, outstanding achievement, and performance reflects a place, it is oneself rising booster, regard a profession as the robot, you are the constituent controller of subordinate, letting subordinate of subordinate and the end that of one mind plays to finish a branch on you, education so is the jumping-off place that you handle subordinate to concern, still should maintain influence of subordinate of just, authoritative, balance and interest before subordinate in addition, want to prevent subordinate to cross him bypass the immediate leadership to communicate a report at the same time, break away from oneself control, become oneself the competitor in rising process.

With the client, also be taken seriously the most easily when evaluating rising condition, also be oneself duty and own job place at the same time. The client is sacred, you are in when confronting a client, of the delegate is your individual not just, still have the figure of the company and public praise.

The profession is rising learn to adversary

“3 people go, have my division surely ” , be in alone in the case that orgnaization of program of beautiful profession career recieves, often have client report, what work in the same place to oneself is rising express dissatisfaction, think oneself got inequitable pay, or such-and-such and above relative etc. Actually the problem also is not completely such, the company promotes employee, of assessment not be ability, outstanding achievement, contribution entirely, still have a lot of other factors, be like, expression passes clever way to be approbated by boss and boss of bypass the immediate leadership, the certain character of the other side accords with the demand that the company grows to wait. Rival beat on rising road, adversary has desirable place surely, study adversary delivers success line, do not let oneself grow in same point, prepare for the opportunity in the future, labor force is waited for hair.

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