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Chains of psychology of duty field life

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Walk duty field, do you often feel gingerly, crestfallen, be overcautious? So probable, you had been in imperceptible in reduce ” psychology is servile ” .

Alleged ” psychology is servile ” , it is the tired out after in appearance person of field of a few duty is manacled by some kind of formalist acknowledge or concept lives disturbedly actually means. They are bearing sundry mortgage, dimension difficult steps forward not to have arrange absently again in be immersed in his conventions next. But, duty field expert tells us, these ” psychology is servile ” can adopt scientific method completely, break the heavy chains on the heart, recover the freedom of the feel just like a fish in water on duty field.

Break the first heavy chains into pieces: Affirmative ego ” be in charge of his others how to think “

Psychological symptom:

“Wear this dress to go to work, can others think I am coquet? ” , ” work overtime today, can others think I am intended expression? ” , ” eat lunch with the leader, is others can misunderstand the person that lays small report me? ” , ” if make a speech now, can be you mocked by others? ” … too much ” others ” , let Xiao Lin all day be in a dilemma, be worried is gotten suffocative come.

The expert feels pulse:

On psychology, when sensitive and individual when be being controlled badly by environmental element, often lack independent judgement capacity. The heart builds the self-confidence that the cause that creates this kind of situation is party normally to basically be relied on at ” the outside is affirmative ” cheeper mode, is not to be based on ” oneself is approbated ” adult mode. Because this resembles what such psychological slave often feel as a result of ego achievement be like beautiful jade,be short of break and be in doubly the judge standard of accident bound, go up in behavior often indecisive, be in a dilemma.

Professional countermeasure:

The basiccest method that improves this kind of condition makes party builds immanent self-confident heart namely.

The first pace learns him discovery on the bagatelle in the life first namely ” excel others ” characteristic, for instance ” my comparing is such-and-such can cut price more ” , ” this report I hand in than such-and-such early, I am more businesslike than him ” , ” next wet have an umbrella in my bag, I have prophetic vision more ” … the 2nd pace is to should learn ” it is a center with oneself ” the ground makes the small decision in a few lives, for instance ” the humor is good today, the jacket that wears a pink ” , ” will go shopping tomorrow afternoon, work overtime to work more today simply a bit ” … these seeing seem negligible thing, the primary purpose that can help you focus the attention of behavior the task that finish gradually comes up, thereby little is cast off ” others ” the palm accuses with manacle.

Break the 2nd heavy chains into pieces:

Think actively negative ” I am no good for certain “

Psychological case:

Fu Ming is very pained why the someone else in the office all the day so hopeful, finish sth even err also can ” A Q ” , and oneself always are thinking ” I am no good for certain ” these 5 words: “This report considers wrote a leader due also pay no attention to ” , ” I affirm new plan incommensurate ” , “My doing must die again also nobody can be praised ” …

The expert feels pulse:

Resemble Fu Ming such psychology is servile, connect regular meeting to think he lacks appreciate of good luck, lack, so that meet ” be destined ” accomplish nothing. When reality really by their call the turn when, can farther accentuation this kind of obstinate and inactive ego is cognitive.

Itself is located in surely inactive, can make because party is lacked to ” successful ” expect and doubly scared failure, cannot go all lengths in complaining self-pity oneself thereby, refuse hard even.

Professional countermeasure:

The method that flounces off this kind of inactive chains is to foster active reflection means.

Resemble Fu Ming such person, often see a lot of difficulty that do not produce certainly however potentially and obstacle easily.

Give up inactive expectant method becomes fractionation of a thing those who have a certain number of move namely ” bagatelle ” , and fulfil this process existing writings word. For instance you are faced with ” refer individual layout ” the task, can draw up as follows on paper measure: “Gather information — clear thinking — affirmatory and basic frame — free time is found after coming off work — compose — revise — hand over — await feedback ” . Be in next of the task specific in undertaking, complete one step crossed on paper pace. This kind ” big decrescent ” handle way, can make you hold prospective way very easily, and be in the course that specific target gives hard, gradually those perplex oversight of oneself ” inactive ” element.

Break ternary chains into pieces:

Encourage innovation to refuse ” again also not such “

Psychological case:

If do not have,getting the thing of good outcome only, wen Hui can absorb from which ” lesson ” and embalm: “The reform layout bear fruit that shares last is bad, also will not follow the example of again henceforth ” , ” attended a meeting to make a speech actively yesterday, the result is said by the leader idea is one-sided, later again also not utter sth ” , ” referred plan is not adopted completely, also did not worry about again later. ” … time is longer, “Cannot do ” the business is more.

The expert feels pulse:

In psychology ” motive system ” in, put in two kinds of cognitive tendency, one kind is ” the fear to failure ” , another kind is ” the demand to the success ” . Current person when be more than latter, because scruple too much,the person is met ” security ” and ” safe sex ” and lose adventurous spirit and creativity gradually, be in normally as on commonplace without strange, and be more than when latter former when, of the person criterion implementation the target and dream reach those who serve as hard most general orientation, it is in this process ego of ceaseless innovation, ceaseless breakthrough, often reach higher professional achievement easily also.

Professional countermeasure:

This kind ” memory has exceeded ” ” be afraid that place is very much ” psychology is servile, why does need review him in time to you can worry fear? And fear in particular concern again after all some of what thing? After finding specific psychological crucial reason, ought to hold as far as possible ” similar but stimulation is weaker ” other opportunity captures hard crucial point.

For instance because Wen Hui once was led to point out ” idea is one-sided ” and dare not make a speech actively on the conference again. The thing that ought to make clear her to need aggrandizement so is ” make a speech ” . She can try the routine between the colleague to discuss first in express a view actively, because although encounter different opinion,also be done not have ” superior is negative and inferior ” awkwardness and brokenhearted, and want a trial seek advantageous basis, defend oneself notion, not easily agree without giving serious thought: When she is cogent after having the courage that argues with the person, the doubt that is fear of others no longer, also had at the same time relatively the thinking means of careful, can try to express a view before the leader afresh then.

Break fourfold chains into pieces:

Hold an advantage not to regret ” already too late “

Psychological case:

Look in Amy, oneself missed too much significant issue: Why don’t 26 years old have attend in a advanced studies on-the-job Master? Why do 29 years old give birth to the child without abdication? Why do 30 years old hire sectional manager without contest? … if the true somebody on the world sells ” regret medicine ” , she runs the first times to buy certainly.

The expert feels pulse:

“Love regrets ” it is Amy such psychology is servile most the trait that showing. They what because be judged at that time,often go up is neglectful blind perhaps and hopeful, and cause a variety of the profession anticipates with the profession ideal cannot turn into reality, and in after the event ” afterthought unceasingly ” the pessimism below state of mind is acedia. Their habit treats the issue ” choose at that time ” as a result is not ” oneself try hard ” result, avowed humanness is in level of a certain age ” must ” do some business, once miss optimal opportunity to answer a day not to have art, can submit to the will of Heaven.

Professional countermeasure:

These people that regret easily, can consider to try psychology to go up ” law of 3 column technology ” will alleviate the pessimism with inactive flavour. Look for a piece of white paper to differentiate above all for 3 column, name respectively for ” compunctious thing ” , ” dimension error ” and ” reasonable response ” . The work that think to regret in him lieutenant general of the first column above all or misses draws up adequately come, to the top of one’s bent drain mood, the content one by one that writes with oneself in the 2nd column next undertakes arguing, regret all blind as critically as acedia one by one, give the existing resource related oneself and this incident in the summary in the 3rd column after that, think how to use these resource seriously, make reality is able to redeem to the greastest extent as far as possible, write each plan and plan clear by measure. This kind of method can help you be in will general ” regret ” fall to real point while, also see oneself existent advantage clear, allude you to be answered actively.

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