Duty field Wang Zhe also ought to learn to praise the word of other – every day net of preserve one’s health

Duty field Wang Zhe also ought to learn to praise the word of other

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Beyond question, between people praise each other can make human relation run very easily friendly the lubricant with improvement. No matter you are a duty field Wang Zhe that stand high above the masses, still be an average employee that is in basic level position. Wanted you to learn to praise only others, what go digging others body to go up hard is bit flashier, so of a lot of jobs begin can handy. So, after all how duty field Wang Zhe should learn to praise other? We look together below.

Duty field Wang Zhe also ought to learn to praise the word of other


Conference speech does a thing together supplement each other. The word says Orpheanly, say so that reach the designated position, the leader accepts the requirement that you raise and demand easily. Otherwise even if is a simple thing, do easily also be bungled. So, want to learn to say laudatory word.


The word everybody of recognition is longed for, everybody needs. Praise K department also gets law of in the right way and skill, if praise the leader is impertinent, meet instead outsmart oneself, fall only the bad impression of ” of next “ fawn on. Praise a person, because he has outstanding show,be of course, but everybody is in which on one hand outstanding have each however different. Some people are professional technology level tall. Working success highlights; and some people have strong point in social side, have the capacity with client contact with. Accordingly, different situation should is aimed at when praising boss, give different way praise.


While the general manager that has a company is catching good company business, combine him job to carry out compose ” the path that be in business ” the book stalks of grain, sectional manager praises so: You are in “ the choice that company job is a mistake really, if you study management technically, I believe you can become the expert of business affairs management certainly, can more outstanding achievement comes out. ”


General manager listens the what one says during a conversation of sectional manager, say malcontently: Your means says “ the general manager that I do not suit to become a company, seek his job additionally only? ” sees general manager produced misunderstanding, the sectional manager that wants to wear tall cap ” to general manager “ originally is frightened so that the head risks abnormal sweating due to general debility, explain at once say: “ not, not, not, I am not this meaning, I am to say ……”


Still be the secretary comes over to buckle ‘ for sectional manager a tired field, say: Means of “ branch manager says you are an all-round person, not only own job is caught well, other side is very outstanding also. ”


Visible, it is to praise a person together, praise a work, different expressive method, its effect great disparity is particularly big.


Compliment praise is equal to adulatory, appreciation is not equal to fawn on of fabricate make up. Praise a certain characteristic that leads with appreciation, mean you to affirm this characteristic. As long as it is an advantage, it is good qualities, advantageous to collective, you are without scruple the praise handsome that the earth’s surface shows you. The leader also needs from when in the person’s evaluation, man explains his achievement and the position in others memory, when be praised, his proper pride can get satisfaction, produce good opinion to eulogist. Your intelligence an wisdom needs to get appreciation, but show oneself intentionally before the leader, unavoidable the ill will that has affectation. The leader can think you are an egomania accordingly, depend on ability is proud, thrusting, and feel to get along hard in mentally, be lacked here a kind of tacit understanding.


The society praises others, will surely melt quite surely between person and person cold firm ice, will surely see clearly surely mutual of a heart diaphragmatic. If you are the Wang Zhe of field of a duty, so you should be known more how to go praising other, make them can better spread out for what you work and work for, let you gain greater success!

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