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 Cate is the food that everybody likes most, because now the standard of living of people is rising ceaselessly, increasing also to dietary requirement. Hope to be able to eat delicate and goluptious meal, and food needs to feed capable person freshly not only, still need lubricious fragrance completely. Bittern is a kind of cate, authentic bittern should belong to the bittern of current state. Has had person should not be very much, how is bittern of city of so authentic tide made?

 Bittern of authentic tide city


Current state bittern is the important composition of current state dish, one of dish of traditional characteristic name of Guangdong current state, its bittern uses flesh of fine pig bone, plum, old chicken, ham, precious jade column, head, Xi Qin, as red as fruit of anise, cassia bark, sweet leaf, bright citronella, licorice, Huang Jiang, arhat, clove, the head of garlic, Gong Cong turnip, onion and often smoke, alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice of wine of essence of fish sauce, chicken, high-grade Shaoxing, rose together.

Next, will rasorial cattle or aquatic product put among them, heat bittern is made, form all sorts of pot-stewed fowl, wait like chicken giblets of duck of bittern goose, bittern, bittern, taste is delicious.

Soup makings

Old hen 3, old duck 2, the ancon before the pig 10 jins, pig vertebra 10 jins, water 100 jins of flavor: Fine ginger 20 grams, south ginger 50 grams, fleshy cardamom seed 10 grams, bai Kou 10 grams, sweet leaf 15 grams, fennel 10 grams, caoguo 10 grams, arhat fruit 3, lemongrass is careless 10 grams, arenaceous benevolence 10 grams, the root of Dahurian angelica 10 grams, cinnamonic 10 grams, fabaceous cardamom seed 10 grams, clam Jie 3 only

Condiment: Soy 1 bottle, fish sauce 1 bottle, guangdong rice wine 1 bottle, high-grade Shaoxing wine 2 bottles, sweet-scented osmanthus urgent juice 1 bottle, add 1 bottle of rice wine, rose alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice is right amount, piece candy (or rock candy) 50 grams, gallinaceous pink is right amount, gourmet powder is right amount, unripe smoke right amount, oyster sauce is right amount.

Current state bittern raw material

 Bittern of authentic tide city


Lardy the important raw material that is current state bittern it is heating the fragrance that the process produces fat to change action to increase soup bittern, still can frit in thick gravy, cooperate all sorts of bittern dressing, harmonic flavor weakens peculiar smell. In in right amount join lardy, still can press a pig splanchnic, the ox is splanchnic the peculiar smell with aquatic product and fishy smell.

Clew of choose and buy: Choose lardy when, the person that the color that abstracts with pig leaf lard does not have foreign matter in vain is excellent. Boiling lardy flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil of garlic of onion of ginger green Chinese onion is used when having pot quickly, increase fragrance, him effect tried to see reason.

Gallinaceous oil

Gallinaceous oil is the high-grade oil that is used at current state bittern of late, its nutrition is rich, bright fragrance is thick, the treatment method that basically is used at oil of chicken of current state bittern, it is to join Jiang Pian to use small fire refine, it is to add Jiang Pian basket evaporate is made on green knot, it is beautiful with what evaporate makes, but fragrance is poorer, it is good to still had better boil the result that make, but color is poorer, when boiling the oil that make chicken to have pot quickly namely, be with ginger garlic and onion in boiler scamper expects into golden yellow filter broken bits can, sweet-scented very, do not believe everybody to try below.

Clew of choose and buy: Gallinaceous oil chooses aspic to taste commonly, with impurity of lubricious small Huang Mo, moisture content is low for beautiful.

Rape oil

 Bittern of authentic tide city

Rape oil is extract by rapeseed make and become, , basically use at Lan to fry dressing in current state bittern, make its eat color to give taste. Clew of choose and buy: With flavour sweet, color is golden for beautiful. The detailed bittern method that make is in Shenzhen divine continent is fastfood groom have.

Salad oilSalad oil is the extract child of rape oil and other oil, eliminate the color of rape oil and other oil, carry in using, basically be used at bittern footing in bittern fry make, harmonic flavour makings and flavour dish. The cooking oil that bittern uses, basically have 4 kinds: Bovine oil, lardy rape oil and sesame oil. Bovine oil can increase the fragrance in thick gravy, maintain the temperature of former soup, increase with the; of colour and lustre of makings lardy except outside increasing former soup fragrance, but abate make stir-fry before stewing fry with rape oil of; of the fishy smell of makings, peculiar smell raw material and dip in of flavour use lesser at soup juice with; sesame oil, multi-purpose at flavour dish. In addition still oil of chili oil, oyster sauce, miscella, chicken waits, also be to add the fragrance of current state bittern and special flavor.

Make: 1, vertebra of the ancon before old duck Zi, old hen, pig, pig is put into cold water boiler big baked wheaten cake leaves, cast aside fish out of net surplus foam, put into stainless steel bucket, after adding clear water conflagration to be burned, convert small baked wheaten cake 10 hours, fish out raw material leaves soup juice. 2, flavor is abluent with gauze the bag rises, in putting soup juice, small fire boils 3 hours of fish out. Put condiment, Guangdong the rice wine, wine that add a meal, unripe smoke etc flavor. Caraway, green, ginger, Xi Qin, banana, onion, with deepfry, enter a bucket inside can.

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