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The lying-in woman also is having a few snacks at ordinary times among the life, when eating a few recreational food, also want to understand a few notes, do not eat a few food that contain additive, this kind of food to the puerpera postpartum nursing do not have advantage, resemble for example hot an a kind food do not eat as far as possible, can eat the does not have social effects of pollution snack of pure green, have profit so to body types or forms of literature.

The puerpera eats what snacks to had been compared

The puerpera eats what snacks to had been compared

1, violet potato cake

Violet potato is to promote digestive beautiful to taste. Suffer because of the activity during confinement in childbirth be restricted, a lot of females can produce the symptom such as constipation, pregnant, violet potato contains many cellulose, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis to help aid digestion, decrease to also need not fear chairman is fat with respect to momentum calculating carry during confinement in childbirth.

The puerpera eats what snacks to had been compared

2, ormosia is sanded

The snacks that suits to eat most in the home frowzily during confinement in childbirth is ormosia sand, still can not enrich the blood via OK and complementary capabilities. And the mood that sweetmeats can let us ameliorates.

3, hill pill

Yam suits the female edible with postpartum frail body very much, be good at lienal beneficial kidney is OK still be good at stomach, promote digest. If feel alone to the mouthfeel that eats yam is not so good, can yam section deepfry one, already delicate healthy hill pill has been done.

The puerpera cannot take what sock

“Puerpera cannot snack ” the argument is too implicit, but think ” whats can be illuminated eat not by accident ” also have biased. Actually, the puerpera is not not OK snack, but should notice to pick low index rising candy, natural, low candy, low salt, low oil, mix without additive the snacks of treatment, should notice to distinguish especially ” friendly ” snacks and ” mine field ” snacks.

“Friendly ” snacks basically includes biscuit of fruit of big almond, cashew, happy fruit, earthnut, strawberry, pineapple, firedrake, yangtao, barley, wheaten biscuit, oaten biscuit, buckwheat flour mug-up of bag, black rice, sweet cookies of corn, low sugar.

The puerpera eats what snacks to had been compared

“Mine field ” snacks basically includes chocolate, cooky dry, sweet food of blast of congee of congee of biscuit, conserve, honey, potato, sweet potato, rice, polished glutinous rice, lotus root starch, decoct, souse food and drink of all sorts of sacchariferous beverage, fruit juice, alcohol. Of the puerpera ” prandial ” should abide by a few collocation of control gross, degree of finish, much food, healthy cook 4 big principles.

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