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Fresh pepper sauce to Hunan person and Sichuan person it is commonner, because the person of these places basically is,eat hot, next abdomen that match a meal how to eat without fresh pepper sauce. However, fresh pepper sauce starts work with respect to him need go making it, sauce of the pepper that make knows its method that make with respect to need, such talent are enough better make delicate pepper sauce, the proposal likes to eat hot friend to learn.

The daily life of a family of encyclopedia of practice of sauce of rare any of several hot spice plants

1, the making method of pepper sauce

After will mature chili washs clean air with clear water, put in abluent become broken end without the chop on smeary chopping board, finer better. Put chili end into big basin after chili chop is fine in, by 0.5 kilograms of chili, 200 grams salt of garlic benevolence, 50 grams, 50-100 overcomes the scale burden of 3 beautiful wine. garlic chop, with chili end, salt, 3 flowers wine is put together, mix is even. Put below sunshine to bask in 1, 2 days, make its nature sauce is changed, inside the of big mouth glass that loads clean next. Put mouth of severe of a few 3 beautiful wine, lid again on sauce face. In the weather with good sunshine, can open lid to bask, agitate of avoid by all means, lest cause acidity,change flavour. Put the sauce that has machined in at ordinary times ventilated sunny place, can make the pepper sauce that gives faint scent to actor or actress character so.

The daily life of a family of encyclopedia of practice of sauce of rare any of several hot spice plants

2, sichuan pepper sauce


Differentiate of Pi county beans 100 grams (chop is fine) , thick chili face 150 grams, salt 25 grams, gourmet powder 25, vegetable oil 400 grams, white sugar face of 25 grams, Chinese prickly ash 50 grams, 13 sweet a few, water sends Xianggu mushroom 50 grams (weight in wet base) chop is fine, white

Make: After frying boiler to burn oil supreme heat again cool to 4 into heat, will all makings (except of salt, gourmet powder) in putting bowl, add water two small spoon, small fire is boiled slow, move with the drill with ceaseless shovel, decrescent of the vapor after about 10 minutes, put salt, gourmet powder to be able to give boiler.

If add bit of dried meat floss or flavor of dried shrimps fine and soft much better.

The daily life of a family of encyclopedia of practice of sauce of rare any of several hot spice plants

3, sauce of pepper of Beijing garlic Chengdu

Chili, garlic, salt, height wine, bottle

Attention: The scarcely in the whole process that make can be used have the thing with oily perhaps water, and material also cannot contain water.

Wash chili and garlic clean, air water! (Must air! ) kitchen knife and chopping block also are washed clean, air, part chili and garlic next chop, original plan uses what get weigh in hand with kitchen knife, disrelish a trouble later, flat got on mixer to the clique. Mix the garlic that break into pieces and chili, spill salt next. How many saline, can taste little with the tip of the tongue, it is a bit saltier than making the saline ingredient of dish at ordinary times that flavour is just like OK.

Add high alcoholic drink, need not put too much, (Put much the juice of pepper sauce is bit more. Right amount it is OK to put. )

Good, mix Dong Dongquan ministry divide evenly with respect to OK!

4, sweet pepper sauce

Advocate makings: Day day any of several hot spice plants, tomato

Complementary makings: Ginger, garlic, salt, candy, rice vinegar


Take fresh Chao Tianjiao, 500 grams tomato, a ginger, bicephalous garlic. Put into mixer to be hit into mushy; respectively

Fry boiler to turn on the water a bowl small, boil with medium baking temperature, in the boiler below all sorts of paste, boil sauce (garlic Chengdu leaves a half to be put finally) the edge is boiled the edge adds candy

(A few) , ; of bottle of smaller part of vinegar of salt, rice

Be sure to keep in mind to want to keep sticking boiler in case with spoon agitate, by rare turn stiff can involve fire;

Go in the garlic fine and soft that remain again, cool hind bottle.

Handle an attention:

Not the friend that arrogate to oneself has thick hot taste but amid matchs a few red pointed any of several hot spice plants, add more additionally a few tomato and white sugar go to delay since the metropolis

Decrease the action; of spicy sense

Add flavoring to also have certain order, should press put sugar, the 2 order that put salt, vinegar, soy are put down. This is because of

For, put salt to add candy again first, the osmosis of candy power decreases, the quantity that add candy wants increase. Vinegar was put too early, acidity is easy abreaction.

Final ability adds soy. If like,also can join a few gourmet powder in last segment.

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