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Article introduction

A lot of families like him to bloat all sorts of dish, namely the small pickles that we say, the dish that can bloat has a lot of, can be cucumber, also can be a turnip, still can be chili, and chili may be to suffer major person to love, and soy bloats the method of chili is simpler, tasted taste is good also. Bloat with soy the soy that chili wants to allow machine parts or tools kept in reserve to had pledged, need joins the aniseed such as oil of a few edible, Chinese prickly ash.

 The method of chili of soy adj/LIT wide

Method one:

Prepare data above all: Chili, soy, edible oil, Chinese prickly ash, garlic

1, above all we want a fresh small chili to undertake mincing processing, next again chili in those into soy putting, if the individual prefers garlic, still can put a few garlic inside. If need to let fry,perhaps expect taste is better, can choose rejoin a few other elements, but small write a proposal everybody does not add overmuch flavoring, affect integral taste easily otherwise.

The 2 oil that burning heat put aniseed of some of Chinese prickly ash in boiler, simple stir-fry before stewing is fried after waiting to come out to the fragrance of Chinese prickly ash OK will Chinese prickly ash and above the soy that burns heat breaks up together fry. When break up after frying an end, can take Chinese prickly ash from bowl, await oily boiler refrigeration next, put chili again can, such hind enter oil perhaps put soy into boiler to break up together in soy fry, come to winkle of aniseed of Chinese prickly ash to wait for finally after oil is cool OK, such frying taste to the Chinese prickly ash that come out best the sweetest.

3, will do water drop after chili is abluent, again ordinal put all sorts of flavoring, place next it await a few days in container is OK to await a few days in container edible. Of course, generally speaking, resemble these meat of souse, best can put refrigerate inside freezer, such local color will be more distinctive, taste also have mouthfeel more.

 The method of chili of soy adj/LIT wide

Method 2:

Prepare data above all: Bright chili 10 jins, soy 5 jins, salt 1 jin, white sugar 4 2, ginger 4 2, garlic 4 2, salad oil 4 2, high liquor 7 2, gourmet powder is right amount, chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark, green Chinese onion each are right amount.

1. chili goes first, abluent, cool work.

2. cuts chili into size of little finger fingernail.

3. does not touch unboiled water in the process that chop controls, bloat the container of chili must be washed clean, after passing with boiled water bubble cool work, had better enter any of several hot spice plants of chop of the reload after liquor is disinfected.

4. puts salt, the quantity wants to suit, scale is 4 jins of chili about 9 salt, still can put suit Chinese prickly ash and pepper.

7. puts sugar, a few, a jin of chili candy of one small spoon can.

 The method of chili of soy adj/LIT wide

8. mixes chili, salt, other condiments and a few liquor even, enclose next.

9. is put in souse of shady and cool place one week can.

Return some notes to be as follows additionally: 1. When the attention is washed, bad chili wants to desertion, wash must cool dry, if chili does not work, the meeting in jar closes after broken. 2. Go chili head, go chili seed (also have do not go of seed, the sort of can hotter) , chop any of several hot spice plants and agitate condiment when, compare sensitive word again to exciter like peel skin, be necessary to wear a glove, otherwise the hand will be very hot!

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