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For the person that has mustard to liking, you should be to be able to bear mustard is intense excitant, and mustard has very good antiseptic capacity to the helminth of intestines and stomach, eating a few mustard appropriately so still is very good. Mustard the making method of this kind of thing is simpler, need uses mustard water mix up, undertake next roast, release the piquancy of mustard completely, ability makes delicate mustard juice quite.

 How does mix up eat mustard

 How does mustard eat delicious: How does mustard give piquancy

1, mustard uses water smooth put burner to bake, cheng Fang arrives basket bend inside a bit evaporate, piquancy can come out.

2, when mustard is mediating, with scram water irruptive mix divide evenly, build, put shady and cool part static put a few hours, also can give piquancy.

3, after mustard has rushed with boiled water, a bit cool, plunge into a few eyelet with the chopstick, some of boiled water is irrigated again above, spend with doing not have mustard to be, put beside furnace stage next, build upper cover, make an appointment with 6-8 hour, pour the boiled water of surface again, move a way so, not only piquancy is thick, and meet an all and acrid take out.

Small stick person: The mustard of mix up can edible. If can add bit of candy, sesame oil,wait smooth, taste is better.

How does mustard eat delicious: Mustard juice the first kind practice

1, material: Teaspoon of mustard pink 1/2, warm boiled water 1 teaspoon. Soy 1 big spoon, teaspoon of oyster sauce 1/2, vinegar 1 teaspoon, balm 1 teaspoon, candy 1/2 teaspoon.

2, practice: (1) mixes mustard pink and warm boiled water divide evenly becomes mustard sauce. (2) joins odd material mustard sauce in together smooth can.

The 2nd kind of practice 1, material: Green mustard is hot right amount, wen Shui is right amount, unripe smoke right amount, oyster sauce is right amount, thick broad-bean sauce is right amount.

2, practice: (1) is according to individual be fond of first in the bowl impact is right amount green mustard is hot, add oil of right amount bad news next, with a few warm water dilute leaves. (2) is joined unripe smoke and a few thick broad-bean sauce agitate divide evenly can.

 How does mix up eat mustard

How does mustard eat delicious: Mustard soy juice

Mustard and soy scale see an individual bear ability, special meeting eats hot can 2:5, general 1:5, or else travel can be nodded again less, without what special provision, because of the person appropriate. Those who want an attention is to want a mustard agitate dissolve at soy, can eat mustard suddenly otherwise, compare choke.

 How does mix up eat mustard

How does mustard eat delicious: Mustard manages less

Western-style food puts vinegar concentrate in the mustard of mix up (white vinegar) , oil of refined salt, white sugar, lettuce, white pepper, forcibly agitate divide evenly, after building freezer iced, become namely ” mustard manages less ” , have a distinctive flavour.

How does mustard eat delicious: Material of honey mustard sauce: Yellow mustard sauce 1 packet, honey is optional, salad sauce is optional.

Practice: 1, issue Huang Gaimo sauce first in the bowl, issue honey next (scale probably 1 than 1, honey is OK oneself adjust) slowly. 2, put salad sauce finally, put bit by bit, the acid that makes oneself like is sweet degree can.

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