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Article introduction

Xianggu mushroom is to compare a kind of common dish to taste, when having chaffy dish at ordinary times a lot of people can join Xianggu mushroom, sweet and it is OK still to can make the soup of boiler bottom becomes more bright not only increase nutrition, actually of Xianggu mushroom having a way is this kind to have chaffy dish only not only, a lot of practices of other suit Xianggu mushroom quite, still can have Xianggu mushroom asparagus lettuce at ordinary times, a kind of dried mushroom still has young soya bean, beef waits food a moment to match together.

 Xianggu mushroom and what dish are tie-in

1, Xianggu mushroom + asparagus lettuce

Asparagus lettuce and edible of Xianggu mushroom collocation, advantageous make water is aperient, fall hematic fat falls the effect of blood pressure. Apply to chronic nephritis, chronic constipation, hypertensive disease, tall lipemia.

2, Xianggu mushroom + on the west orchid

Both is tie-in but nourishing vigour, embellish lung, expectorant, it is easy to improve inappetence, body tired wait for a state.

 Xianggu mushroom and what dish are tie-in

3, Xianggu mushroom + water chest nut

Pleasant of flavour of sex of water chest nut is cold, have the effect; Xianggu mushroom such as clear heat, expectorant, disappear accumulating to be able to fill gas increase stomach, nourishing powerful body, have fall blood pressure, fall the effect of hematic fat. Both collocation is fed together, have the effect that recuperation taste, clear heat promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid. Often feed can fill stomach of gas powerful body, beneficial is aided feed, conduce to remedial taste frail, inappetence or long the disease such as ill taste empty, damp and hot. Suit to regard the primary high blood pressure that send a gender, tall lipemia, coronary heart disease, cancer and the auxiliary cure of diabetic patient waiting for disease as food particularly.

4, Xianggu mushroom + a kind of dried mushroom

Xianggu mushroom, a kind of dried mushroom all is the edible bacterium curiosa with celebrated China and foreign countries, both collocation has nourishing and strong, disappear to feed skin of step-down of expectorant, clear mind, embellish and the action that fight cancer.

5, Xianggu mushroom + cauliflower

Intestines and stomach of both collocation benefit, open pectoral midriff, strong bones and muscles, have stronger fall the action of hematic fat.

6, Xianggu mushroom + young soya bean

Xianggu mushroom is high protein, low adipose food, have beneficial to enrage filling empty, be good at lienal wait for effect with the stomach. Young soya bean is fresh soya bean, contain taller high grade protein and a variety of mineral etc, nutrient value is very high. Both collocation suits tall blood fat, hypertensive, diabetic, cancer, fat wait for patient edible.

 Xianggu mushroom and what dish are tie-in

7, Xianggu mushroom + beef

Both feed in all, the brothers iciness that applies to place of gas anaemia empty to bring about, Wei cold, limb is lack of power, articulatory the disease such as aching and limp of genu of mobile inadequacy, waist.

8, Xianggu mushroom + squid

Both feed together, use at the auxiliary cure of fat of hypertensive, tall blood and cancer.

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