[duck flesh fries celery] practice of the daily life of a family of _ of _ tie-in celery – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

There are a lot of people to like to eat duck meat very much among the life, the nutrient value of duck flesh is very tall, conduce to again absorb, always be liked by people, and the adipose content in duck flesh is not very tall, thick cerebral cortex take out hind, can turn pure duck into the flesh, but duck flesh wants to notice when do, because the flesh is qualitative exceedingly close fact, very easy meeting is bitten do not move, so duck flesh fries celery, how should process the meat when do?

Duck flesh fries celery

Drumstick flesh fries celery


Drumstick (2) , celery (2) , unripe pink (1 spoon) , often smoke (right amount) , salt (right amount) , ginger (right amount) , garlic (right amount) , flavoring (right amount) , oily, water


1, divide drumstick bone, cut small next.

2, celery Xian Gan is clean, stripping and slicing.

3, garlic section.

4, burn the boiler such as the boiler below oil red, fry with respect to next drumstick and ginger, issue celery to also be fried again, issue flavoring next, often be smoked and salt, most in unripe pink agitate of the water that increase a point is put equably fry in boiler.

4, delicate drumstick flesh fries celery to had been done.

Duck flesh fries celery

Fabaceous bubble fries celery red turnip


Advocate makings: Fabaceous bubble, celery, red turnip

Spice: Peanut oil, salt, soy, chili face, Zi like that pink


1, fabaceous bubble is cut half, celery, red turnip cuts strip to reserve.

2, the boiler since next oil, turn over next celery after frying red turnip 1 minute fry.

3, bubble issueing a beans breaks up fry, issue tasty of a few water, stew boils 5 minutes.

5, when waiting for water to reclaim, face of soy of next salt, a few, chili follows Zi like that pink breaks up again fry a few times, flameout gives boiler.

Duck flesh fries celery

Potato duck flesh


Tomato patch 1, duck flesh 1 jin, green, ginger, fragrant flower dish, purple perilla, oily salt, soy


1, duck flesh is washed clean had cut, cut bead tomato patch.

2, cut dish of good burden ginger, green, fragrant flower, purple perilla.

3, put duck meat in boiler to fry first, whats are put, fry dry water, the hanging wall after duck flesh becomes yellow, fry potato again next, fry half mature hanging wall.

4, put oil in boiler to explode fry ginger, green.

6, pour the duck flesh that just fries and potato into boiler again, add a bowl of water and soy boil in a covered pot over a slow fire, stew arrives it is good to receive juice to put fragrant flower dish and purple perilla.

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