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The egg is the nutrient food that we cannot leave in daily life, contain among them many high grade albumen pledges with a variety of nurture, the battalion nurturance that OK and compensatory human body needs everyday is divided, and boiled water strong egg also is a kind of commonner edible method, the egg nutrition material that develops with boiled water was not destroyed, can have the effect that enrich the blood to the body, also can improve disease of a few bodies at the same time, right healthy have profit.

 Does boiled water enrich the blood to the egg

Does boiled water enrich the blood to the egg?

Boiled water develops an egg, it is the bacterium in the egg is killed by boiling water, nutrient material was not destroyed completely again, but flavour can have bit of raw meat or fish, after the habit good, if want to enrich the blood, can add a few brown sugar, enrich the blood the effect will be better.

Boiled water says to egg common ” frangipani ” , develop bubble egg directly with boiled water namely, next proper accretion salt or honey flavor, can greatly the nutrient value that preserves an egg, so what does this boiled water have to the effect of the egg and action? Actually if such for a long time drinking, the body can reap a few kinds of profit below.

 Does boiled water enrich the blood to the egg

The first advantage: Raise eyesight

The nutriment that contains in the egg is many special, jade cream-colored element and lutein are being contained in the egg especially is done not have in other edibles. These two kinds of material are having protective effect to retina, can raise the person’s eyesight, still can reduce the harm of eyeball of cross-eye of the ultraviolet ray in sun’s rays at the same time, rise very well to protect the effect of eyesight. Mix to the adolescent of those body development especially children, develop a bowl of egg everyday, can very good protection and the eyesight that raise the child.

The 2nd advantage: Platoon poison raises liver

We know, liver also is the organ with our main body, having the effect of the detoxify that discharge poison. The liver that becomes us is healthy, talent is enough the eduction with a few rubbish the metabolization in our human body and successful toxin goes. It is actually in our life, of a few habits and customs incorrect, the problem with brought about liver to appear particular. The alexipharmic capacity that lets liver appeared to drop. When getting up in the morning, come a bowl of boiled water develops an egg. Can make us easier assimilate among them nutrition substance not only, and still can tutelar liver, repair our liver function.

The 3rd advantage: Filling head raises a head

Rich nutrient element is contained to have choline and lecithin for example in the egg, these two kinds of material are the important matter that the place of development of head of National People’s Congress wants. When our human body takes element of these two kinds of nutrition, can promote the growth of cerebrum. Still can alleviate effectively memory decline and accelerate our response rate this on one hand. Be in at the adolescent of growth period and children especially in the morning when drink boiling water of a bowl of egg, can increase their memory very well, achieve the result that raises cerebral filling head thereby.

 Does boiled water enrich the blood to the egg

The 4th advantage: Enrich the blood

Should knowing the nutrient element that contains in the egg is main is body place need, many mineral iron is contained a lot ofin the egg especially. After edible boiled water develops an egg, can promote the synthesis of the haemoglobin inside body, having enrich the blood, the effect of hematopoiesis. Make the person looks thereby become ruddy luster, and more mix lustily healthy.

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