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Article introduction

Wait for common flesh with flesh of chicken, duck kind food photograph is compared, the flesh of goose is qualitative more exquisite close fact, mouthfeel also more rich, be in Guangdong area especially, goose not only one of traditional cate with Guangdong common area, still got of each area people love, but goose has the quality with cold sex, not be to suit all crowd edible, so is the patient that the cold coughs OK edible goose?

Can cold cough eat goose

Can eat goose. Goose sex cold, flavour is salty, have enrich the blood the function that alexipharmic, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises detumescence of water of stomach, benefit, weak, low afternoon heat, tuberculosis, diabetic, seminal emission, menstruation estimates put oneself in another’s position of oedema of evaporate of hot bone of haematemesis of appropriate internal lesion caused by overexertion, dysenteric, fatigue, cough, deficiency of yin with irritability little person edible, cough, it is to go up more the reason of feeling, general need fights bacterium diminish inflammation, proposal infusion is treated had better.

2, the introduction of goose

Goose contains human body to grow all sorts of amino acid with development indispensible place, its compose the scale that is close to human body place to need amino acid, will look from biologic value, goose is total value protein, high grade protein. The adipose content in goose is inferior, compare chicken only a bit taller, want than other flesh low much. Goose not only adipose content is low, and quality is good, the content of not saturated fatty acid is high, especially flax acid content all surpasses other pork kind, advantageous to human body health. The melting point with adipose goose also very low, softness of quality of a material, be digested easily to absorb by human body.

Can cold cough eat goose

Goose is a kind of animal of division of duck of eye of form of wild goose of bird key link. Goose is polyphagia animal, the nutrient health food that goose is ideal high protein, low adipose, low cholesterol. Goose contains protein, calcic, phosphor, still contain more than 10 kinds of microelement such as potassium, natrium. Goose is the flesh of goose of duck division animal. Goose is treasure all over. Gizzard of bowel of tongue of web of goose wing, goose, goose, goose, goose is mensal the delicate cate that go up blood of bravery of; goose oil, goose, goose is food nutrition of; goose liver abounds the main raw material of industry of industry, medicine, fresh and tender and delicious, but appetitive, it is food of 3 big delicate nutrition, be called ” human body soft gold ” .

3, the action of dietotherapy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of goose

; of pleasant of smooth, flavour puts in goose sex ‘s charge classics of lienal, lung. Have beneficial to enrage filling empty, stop with the stomach thirsty, relieve a cough expectorant, see the effect such as plumbic poison. Appropriate body is frail. Gas blood is insufficient, hidebound person edible. Every often thirsty, lack of power, be discouraged, inappetence person, but tipple goose soup, eat goose, can complement already so senile diabetic nutrition, controallable the illness develops, still cough with precaution remediably disease, catch a cold to cure especially and urgent chronic tracheitis, chronic nephritis, senile bloated; treats phlegmy stop up of emphysema, asthma to have fine effect. Suit to be entered in winter particularly fill.

A kind of gene that fight cancer still is contained in goose blood, can enhance human body humoral immunity and generation antibody. Because the incidence of a disease of immune function and tumour has affinity, great majority has the patient of malignant tumor, the immune function of its airframe drops significantly. Active material waits in the immune globulin that contains in goose blood, factor that fight cancer, can carry host intermediary action, the immune system of aggrandizement human body, achieve the goal that treats cancer.

Can cold cough eat goose

Small make up epilogue: ? The person reads the content of above of? of maltose of Piao far melt to have proper analysis to this problem, also let us have proper understanding and acknowledge to goose at the same time. Goose is above mouthfeel respect and fleshy feeling really compared with gallinaceous duck advanced many. It is a minute of money of course after all, a minute of goods, nutrient value cannot be compared, and place of the any on goose body can of cooking very delicious. Although we often can eat goose in daily life now, also know goose has a lot of effect, but we need to understand goose is to suit those people to eat, the patient that coughs for instance is not OK edible goose, because goose belongs to hair content. Be opposite easily disease of body of certain person coruscate.

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